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Email Marketing for Pharmacies – The Complete Guide

Attention is an opportunity for relationship building, identifying problems, and presenting solutions. A well-planned email campaign gets you regular attention and the results that follow.   Sending emails requires email addresses to send them to. It also requires permission to comply with GDPR. We covered this in our article on Data Collection for Pharmacies, so […]


Data Collection for Pharmacies – An Unexplored Goldmine

Sometimes the path of improvement for your pharmacy is obvious. Struggling with too many phone calls? Let people communicate with you online instead. Need to increase your revenue? Start offering private clinical services. But sometimes there are things that can drastically improve your fortunes that don’t immediately spring to mind. Communicating with people when they’re […]


Prescription Reordering Apps – Which one is best for your pharmacy in 2021?

The ideal prescription reordering app is user-friendly, available on Apple & Android, improves your workflow, and integrates not only with your other systems (like your website) but with the GP surgeries’ systems too. Finding the best prescription reordering app for your pharmacy is an important part of setting up your pharmacy digitally. It allows the […]

A Pharmacy Website built with the consumer in mind

“A good pharmacy website will attract far more visitors than the pharmacy itself” A Pharmacy Website from Pharmacy Mentor makes your life easier Unless you’re planning on becoming the Starbucks of Pharmacy, you won’t always be the closest pharmacy geographically to people. But if your pharmacy website is built right, you’ll be the first place […]