case study: novonordisk


Novo Nordisk is a leading Global healthcare company. They provide world-class weight management medicine such as Saxenda and the more recent Wegovy injection pens. There is a lot of regulation around this area of medicine, specifically regarding how to promote it. So Pharmacy Mentor worked together with Novo Nordisk, creating a webinar series and educating pharmacists on how they can market their weight management clinic effectively and ethically.


  • Marketing for private weight management clinics needs appeal to prospective patients whilst also following regulations – a hard balance.
  • There is a lot of advertising and promotion in existence that breaches advertising regulations and so it’s extremely important to show pharmacists that there are guidelines.

How we did it

Pharmacy Mentor ran a Webinar “How to Market your Weight Management Service” which was commissioned and funded by Novo Nordisk.

We developed the content in conjunction with the Novo Nordisk team and delivered the webinar four times.

Limiting each session to 50 pharmacists meant more chances for attending pharmacists to ask questions at the end about their pharmacy’s specific situation.

The four sessions ran as live events delivered by our CEO, Saam Ali.


Over 150 pharmacists registered and attended 1 of the 4 webinars, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with both the Novo Nordisk team and the attending pharmacists learning a lot and enjoying the session.

a testimonial from a pharmacist who attended the webinar


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