A pharmacy with a travel clinic providing PCR testing. They were managing their own Google Ads, and spending a lot of budget without seeing much return.


The market was competitive, in a big city, especially after the local airport started doing same-day testing. They were spending between £82-£156 a day on their Google Ads, and their conversion rate was 1.5%.

Conversion rate with an ad is the number of people who saw the ad who also then went on to take action (e.g. by calling the pharmacy). This was set by default to anyone who called the pharmacy counting as a lead. Often calls would be a waste of time, and so the conversion rate wasn’t really meaningful.

That means they spent on average £1 for every lead, and only 1 lead out of 100 was converting into a customer. Unless that one lead was buying multiple PCR tests, they weren’t making their money back on that ad spend. We spoke to them about improving their return on investment.


Pharmacy Mentor took over the management of the pharmacy’s Google Ads, to link with the Search Engine Optimised (SEO) landing page for PCR testing we had done earlier.

Because of the size of the budget, we wanted to better track and analyse what was happening, which meant using our Advanced Google Ads management.

  • Utilised Google Tag Manager to monitor activity on the landing page.
  • Tailored every aspect of the ad to suit the business.
  • Analysed the budget to control the cost of each lead, including staying competitive with competitor budgets.
  • We set a parameter of a call lasting over 45 seconds with the pharmacy to count as a qualified lead. Calls under that time were usually a waste of time and of no value.


The conversion rate after we took over the ad exploded from 1% to 21%. (not forgetting that we’d actually made it harder for someone to qualify as a conversion.)

We estimated conversions conservatively at £95 (the cost of a single PCR test) which brings you to the £257k figure shown below in the red box.

That’s the estimated revenue generated.


With a spend of £19k.

In reality, people often bought more than one PCR test when booking, so the actual revenue generated may well be higher.

Whether it could’ve been higher or not, £257k return from £19k investment is a result I don’t think anyone could argue with.



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Aesthetics websites


A UK-leading cosmetics company in Manchester that also operates a pharmacy. They approached us to rebuild their websites across a few different entities within their business.


The company operates three entities. Two cosmetic training provider brands and a pharmacy that interlinks the two. They wanted to give each of their brands the most modern look and feel but also build them in a way to attract more bookings for the courses they sell. They also wanted to provide a solution for healthcare professionals to be able to reorder aesthetics treatments, medicines and consumables online, and take payments for these online. They needed to reduce the administrative tasks involved in taking and processing these orders.


Pharmacy Mentor creates and executes a development strategy consisting of:

  • Mapping out the user journey and design of each of the websites
  • Developing websites on custom-built, modern and flexible WordPress stages.
  • Integration of 3rd-party online booking systems and payment gateways
  • Building in a WooCommerce online shop to host aesthetics treatments and consumables
  • Providing user accounts for healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals, where they can upload required certifications and documents


We have totally redeveloped and developed beautiful new websites across all entities. The biggest impact seen has been on the ability for healthcare professionals to sign up and order aesthetics treatments and consumables much easier than previously. This has had a direct impact on the time spent on processing orders, the convenience for their customers and the revenue generated online.

For confidentiality reasons, we are unable to disclose the links to the sites nor their names, as they operate all over the UK.

Beautiful, bespoke aesthetics websites

We can import as many treatments as you want


Optimised treatment pages designed to get found online.


We can go as bespoke as you wish


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A pharmacy approached us to build their website from the ground up and manage their social media profiles. They wanted to incorporate their aesthetics clinic, travel clinic and other major services that they offer, as well as market them via social media.


The pharmacy had no website or social media profiles before we got to work. We needed to build everything from scratch in line with the vague branding given to us by the client.


Pharmacy Mentor creates and executes a marketing and development strategy consisting of:

  • The build of a brand new website
  • Organic social media advertising
  • Paid social advertising and analysis


We developed a beautiful looking site with a great user experience. The site is being used by their patients to contact them, re-order their prescriptions and book for their services. Their services are being found on Google organically, and this traction has been strengthened by the work on social media, driving traffic towards the site, thus delivering conversions. The website is completely flexible to allow for growth i.e. full e-commerce integration, online doctor systems and more. We’re looking forward to the growth of this business online.

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Increasing EPS Nominations


A small chain pharmacy located in Scotland that we have been working with since October 2021. They are a long-standing brand within their communities.


The pharmacies operate a free delivery and collection service. However, they have failed to attract new patients to the pharmacy and have come to us for help. The pharmacies had just gone through a refit and installed robotics systems to streamline and automate prescription dispensing and collection. They wanted to attract new customers. They adopted our Codeine Marketing Pack.


Pharmacy Mentor creates and executes a targeted marketing and development strategy consisting of:

  • The build of an optimised landing page for EPS conversions
  • Organic social media advertising
  • Paid social advertising and analysis


The pharmacy owner budgeted £500 per month on paid social and we’ve been generating between 50 and 100 patient signups per month for the last 6 months. Let’s say your average patient has three items on their monthly prescription and you make £20 per month from that patient in profit. With 100 new patients, you’re looking at £2000 per month in extra profit, equating to £24,000 per year. And the more patients you sign up, and the bigger following you have on social, the more valuable your business becomes.

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A small chain pharmacy located in the Midlands that we have been working with since January 2020.


The pharmacy operates a travel clinic, accompanied with PCR Testing and wanted a solution to bring their entire operations online to cater for our digital behaviour and make things more convenient for them and the patient. The pharmacy owners needed a way of reducing their operational overhead and saving them time.


Pharmacy Mentor creates and executes a bespoke development and marketing plan encompassing the following:

  • Fully optimised Travel Clinic Website
  • Highly-targeted service content via pages and blogs
  • Built an online booking calendar and connected a payment system
  • Housed the best selling travel items on a fully comprehensive online shop (built into the travel website)
  • Automated the delivery of specific items from the warehouse via a custom-built API
  • Delivery of Google Ads
  • Link-building


In the month of April 2021, we recorded the highest month of sales through the website, totalling over £220,000. Although this is the highest recorded, on average, the pharmacy is now making around £70,000 a month from their Travel Clinic alone. The total spend on this project thus far has equated to less than £10,000.

Pharmacy e-commerce websites

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PCR Test Pharmacy
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a massive period of uncertainty for pretty much everyone. But where there is chaos, there is also opportunity. In this particular case, for pharmacies, the opportunity was marketing PCR Tests.

The Opportunity

The demand for PCR tests quickly picked up when lockdown was lifted and people were allowed to travel again. 

pcr test google trends

This graph shows the popularity of the search on Google over the past 12 months.

The Results

Pharmacy Mentor harnessed this demand for our clients who offered PCR testing. We also recommended that other pharmacies begin to offer PCR testing through their pharmacy as a result of the trend analysis. 

Here are the stats for one of them:

website statistics marketing pcr tests showing 89 thousand page views and 28 thousand new users

Off the wall statistics for an independent pharmacy website.


This reads like a marketing symphony. Imagine for a second that this was a physical pharmacy…

  • New users: – 28,702 people have walked into your pharmacy off the street. 28,702 people.
  • Sessions: – Those people came into the pharmacy on average 1.54 times.
  • Page Views: – Of the 90k page views, the consultation form page had 18.5k views. So, of those 28,000 people who walked into your pharmacy to ask about PCR tests, 18,500 signed up for a consultation.

Good Problems

It’s really been a bit of a problem. Because it’s not easy to cope with such demand.

Fortunately, the fact we have Telegram & WhatsApp support for our clients means they get instant support whenever they need it. And this did need quite a bit of support!

A separate phone-line and email had to be created for PCR requests and all other requests on their website. Fortunately, having created their website too, so we could do this immediately.

On-site consultations needed to become online consultations to make room for flu jab appointments. I’ll say that again. To make room for flu jab appointments. The pharmacy was wall-to-wall booked with PCR consultations.

Then online consultations booked up. We had to turn the form off temporarily because there was too much demand and people couldn’t book appointments.

We’ve had to evolve the website to be able to accept online payments to streamline the money coming into the business. Not a bad problem to have.

“Please help, I have so many calls and requests per day, I can’t process it all.” At its peak, marketing PCR tests was making this pharmacy £5k/day.

How we did it

You’ll likely want to understand how this happens, to get similar results for your pharmacy.

Two words. Keyword Optimisation.

Understanding how Google works, we created and optimised two articles for their website (yes, you need a website for this to work). Our keyword research found the terms that people mostly used to search. We published each article – making it both user-friendly (easy to read, easy to use) and Google-friendly (clearly optimised for keywords and formatted well).

A couple of weeks later, due to the lack of competition, the articles topped Google for the relevant keywords, beating the Government websites.  

We created a digital form on the site for people to fill in so they could book everything online, as well as a payment mechanism.  Two reasons for this:

  1. It’s easier for you as a pharmacist to manage.
  2. It’s better for the customer/patient – because when people are searching the internet:
  • they aren’t always in a position to pick up the phone
  • Phone lines might be busy
  • your pharmacy might be closed when they’re searching for the service (in the evening!)

You lose customers by not allowing them to do everything online.

Able to act with our finger on the pulse

There was obviously the matter of timing, too. That’s why we’re the perfect healthcare partner. We know the heartbeat of healthcare when it comes to marketing throughout the year.

Overall, the investment on this project from the pharmacy was around £500. This resulted in making £1,000’s/day.

When the opportunity knocked, we answered.

Our monthly marketing packs give you access to what is essentially a remote marketing department. With constant dialogues from our team, you’ve got instant access to the trends and the tactics that maximise impact – from those trends, for your pharmacy.

PCR testing is an exceptional bubble, for sure. If you do offer PCR tests, get in touch now because we can maximise your impact.

But this strategy works for all the PGDs and on-site services you offer, as well as eCommerce. There’s a massive vacuum on Google in the world of healthcare. Waiting for pharmacies like yours to fill it – and fulfil the demand of all the thousands of searches happening every day.

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Prescription Marketing
“When you provide your audience with a unique innovative solution that will help make a difference to their lives, such as the ability to collect prescriptions conveniently 24/7, 365 days a year,  it’s a beautiful recipe for marketing.”
Saam Ali – Founder and CEO, Pharmacy Mentor


Pharmacy Mentor worked with Hub and Spoke Innovations to understand how to drive more people to sign up and use the Pharmself24 machine in the pharmacies that they are installed in.


  • A Pharmaself24 machine is installed into a pharmacy but the only way pharmacy owners are signing people up is when the person comes into the pharmacy.
  • Although the machine provides the most convenient way to collect prescriptions, 1000’s of people in the community still don’t know about it.
  • The pharmacy has no or a poor digital avenue to allow for patients to sign up easily.
  • The pharmacy owner does not know what is the best way to sign people up or have the time to implement.


Pharmacy Mentor works with the pharmacy to employ an affordable and effective digital marketing strategy that will:

  • Provide several digital avenues (website, social media, online forms etc) to understand which works best.
  • Create and execute highly engaging, localised and targeted sponsored Ads.
  • Analyse the results of the Ad and reform to make even more effective.


We’re helping an increasing number of Pharmself24 customers Nationally reach their target audience more effectivly, increase awareness of the machine and drive signups.

Example No.1

Pharmacy in Central Scotland

  • Purchased a £99 Ad pack from us
  • Developed 804 clicks
  • Reached 11,256 people in a 3km radius around the pharmacy
  • Converted 199 patients


Phenomenal ROI achieved with this Ad


Example No.2

Pharmacy in Northwest England

  • Purchased a £99 Ad pack from us
  • Developed 415 clicks
  • Reached 10,208 people in a 2km radius around the pharmacy
  • Converted 127 patients



Digital marketing plays a key role in helping more people know about the unique services you offer. It can very effectively engage the audience around your pharmacy and get them to take action, such as signing up to use your Pharmaself24 machine. It is by far the most affordable marketing and should be an integral part of a pharmacy’s business model.


Saam Ali - The Pharmacy Mentor

If you’re looking for help in marketing your services better and building on online presence, then please get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.

“We had no digital presence before we used the services provided by Pharmacy Mentor and our profits were being eaten up by ridiculous fees. Now, we’re generating over 100 bookings per month through our own slick and seamless, money-generating automated system.”
Pharmacy Owner – Edinburgh, Scotland


This pharmacy is a local independent community pharmacy serving the populations in Edinburgh. They are a popular, long-established chemist who understands that innovation is the only way forward in this tough, competitive climate.


The challenges that they faced were:

  • He knew the pharmacy had the potential to deliver many more pharmacy service consultations but he didn’t know how to achieve that.
  • He wanted to avoid giving half of his profits away to the company that provided the PGDs for him.
  • He had no marketing strategy of his own. The pharmacy had no digital presence.


Pharmacy Mentor works with them to develop a bespoke digital marketing strategy with the goals of:

  • Building their own online booking system with integrated Pharmadoctor PGD consultations
  • Integrating the online booking system into their pharmacy website
  • Building a dedicated Travel Clinic website to dominate keywords associated with their Travel Clinic
  • Develop and execute an organic social media strategy through Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business
  • Drive higher numbers of bookings through paid Google Adwords


With the entire scope of marketing conducted, we have transformed the business in terms of the pharmacy services they offer, their Travel Clinic in particular. We have significantly increased monthly revenue and profits for them.

Notable outcomes of marketing efforts:

  • Positioned on page 1 of Google for most search terms associated with their pharmacy services in the locality, organically. This was achieved 3 months after the build and optimisation of their new website. The website is generating over 300 new users and >1000 page views per month, organically.
  • Our marketing efforts have now begun to generate well over 100 bookings of various pharmacy services every month. The Travel Clinic and Medicspot being up there with the most popular:


Total bookings generated in September 2019


  • Google Ads have been performing very well over the last two months with click-through rates (CTR’s) averaging 16% and average conversions at 22%, which is much higher than the industry average.


Saam Ali - The Pharmacy Mentor

If you’re looking for help in marketing your services better and building on online presence, then please get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.

The staff at Cloyne Careplus Pharmacy in Ireland

“Can’t recommend Saam enough, the course on promoting your business through Facebook was fantastic, we learned so much from it but not only that, Saam has continued to help with any queries or questions we have and is so patient no matter what the question is or how often we ring. Definitely worth investing in the course, big thumbs up from everyone at Cloyne Careplus Pharmacy”

Dispensing Supervisor, Aileen McCarthy


Cloyne Careplus Pharmacy is an Independent Community Pharmacy based in Ireland. They were the first pharmacy in the country to set up a Warfarin Anticoagulation Clinic.


They’ve had a Facebook page for some time and had been managed on and off by one staff member who left the company. Nobody else in the company had the confidence, technical skills or knowledge to effectively handle the company Facebook Page.


Three staff members are enrolled onto The Pharmacy and Social Media Mastery Course.


Staff members who enrolled onto the course gained confidence quickly and activity on the Facebook Page has increased 10X. The Facebook Page is now an integral part of their business where they use it to regularly host Community Events and create paid marketing campaigns to reach 1000’s of people in the vicinity.

Saam Ali - The Pharmacy Mentor

If you’re looking for help in marketing your services better and building on online presence, then please get in touch with me and I’ll be glad to help.

Marketing your Flu Jab Service Digitally will help you deliver more vaccinations

Marketing your Flu Jab Service digitally will help you deliver more vaccinations


Reach Pharmacy are a small chain pharmacy in and around the city of Glasgow in Scotland.


The director has a good understanding of digital marketing and knows how important it is when promoting services locally. He wanted to create more visibility of the Flu Jab service they are offering on Google but didn’t want to go down the route of paid advertising.


Pharmacy Mentor creates an optimised blog post that focuses on the most common keywords associated with the flu jab service in Glasgow.


Two months after publishing, the blog post has topped Google for the keywords “flu jab Glasgow”, beating the likes of Boots and Lloyds. Analytics confirmed the posts’ popularity during the 2017 flu season and is expected to be better engaged for 2018 and beyond. The combination of this blog post and their Pharmacy Flu Jabs entry means they are dominating the Google rankings in this niche.

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