private clinic marketing
Pharmacy Mentor has helped this Pharmacy Multiple for years with marketing, and their Digital Strategy has evolved alongside their growth. This Case Study focuses on the Private Clinic Marketing which has worked so well for them, and how their marketing needs have changed over time.

Before we begin, let’s summarise the process of this Private Clinic Marketing journey, so if you’re short of time, you can skip to the bits most important to you.

  • Step 1

    Growing a Digital Presence & Community

    Whilst this is optional, it really does help not only for encouraging new patients, but also for sustainable future retargeting and communicating with your community, meaning more return visits.

  • Step 2

    Building a Website that Converts Visitors into Bookings

    It isn’t just about having a website, it’s about having a website that people trust and find simple to use, all through the booking process.

    Step 2

  • Step 3

    Promoting Clinical Services through Paid Advertising

    Using Facebook, Instagram & Google to get patients’ eyes on the service.

  • Step 4

    SEO - Search Engine Optimisation for Clinic Keywords

    Generating continuous streams of new traffic through Google Search and other search engines.

    Step 4


Step 1: Growing a Digital Presence & Community

The pharmacy owner is ambitious and set out to grow this multiple, by developing a formula that worked and using that for every pharmacy.

We began running individual Facebook pages for each pharmacy, people engage more to things relating specifically to their community, this grew an audience much faster than a single group page would.

facebook page insights

Reaching 1,000 followers was faster by growing smaller pages dedicated to their communities and merging the pages.

Once this community had grown, and the group acquired even more pharmacies, it reached a stage where managing everything through a single page made more sense from a cost/benefit perspective. We consolidated all the individual community pharmacy pages and merged the audiences into one single page, branded as the pharmacy group.

Is Social Proof important for Private Clinic Marketing?

Have you ever discovered a new business, and wanted to check out they were legitimate before booking with them?

Social proof is seeing other people trust the business.  When it comes to booking an appointment for the first time, for example, having a large following on Social Media provides that trust at a glance.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews are another way of encouraging bookings from new patients. This pharmacy has focused on building Google Reviews as they know the importance of them.

There are two ways of getting reviews like this on Google. Deliver excellent service, and then ask for the reviews.

screenshot of 35 different 5 star Google reviews

This is just one of the Pharmacy Group’s pharmacies. Don’t tell me that doesn’t cast them in a great light for anyone thinking about using them.

Want a branded poster which boosts Google Reviews for your pharmacy?

Step 2: Building a Website that converts visitors into bookings

They obviously wanted as many bookings as possible in each pharmacy. But how could they centralise and manage all the bookings in one place? They needed a website.

travel clinic web page from pharmacy website

The site was one of our Advanced Pharmacy Websites, built with bookings in mind, as you can see, the highlighted buttons all represent converting the visitor into a new patient.

These buttons take the patient into a third-party booking system which they already used. We integrated the website so it works seamlessly with the third party software.

The website is also fundamental for Step 4. Poorly designed websites which don’t engage visitors won’t rank well on Google, meaning far fewer future visitors.

Step 3: Advertising through Facebook & Google

When it comes to Facebook & Google Advertising, it’s pretty much a factory. Want more output? Put more in.

Facebook Ads Report, trend graph showing Link Clicks vs Cost. The cost & link click trends follow very closely, showing you get what you pay for.

This shows the results of the campaigns driving traffic to the booking calendar of the Pharmacy’s website between October 2021 and March 2022.

The link clicks follow money spent like a boat rises and falls with the water level. It’s simple. If you want more results, you increase your budget.

screenshot of Facebook Ad analytics

Facebook Ads total spend was £1,050.91 generating 2,313 website visitors.

Just going off the average across all industries, the average landing page conversion is 2.35%.

2.35% of 2,313 visitors is 54 people. Even with a lower estimated average margin of £25 per consultation, you’d still be generating £300 profit from your £1000 investment.

The reality is, we know that these pharmacies are experiencing higher than 2.35% conversion rate, as both their Travel Clinic and Ear Health Clinics in particular are busy with multiple appointments across multiple pharmacies every day.

google ads statistics

Again, you can almost see the correlation between cost and Clicks, only with Google Ads we also have Calls as an additional objective.

What does this mean? If you have a profitable service with higher margins than your advertising spend, then any money invested is generating profit. Obviously, there’s a ceiling. Not everyone in the world needs their ears cleaning at once, but for services like PCR tests, Flu Jabs etc, that ceiling is higher.

How much did they invest for the returns?

One of the most common questions we get asked is what kind of returns are generated by different levels of investment.

Google Ads are measured by Cost Per Click, (Facebook Ads focused on link clicks are too) because you are only charged every time your advert gets clicked. It costs different amounts to advertise for different words, depending on competition, so those costs vary.

Below is an example of how much this pharmacy spent on Google Ads versus how many clicks their ad received.

Google Ads Spend for Different Searches

Here, showing less than £150, this pharmacy generated around 120 relevant website visitors for their Travel Clinic.

Step 4: SEO for Clinical Keywords

Almost exactly a year ago to this date, (I remember because it was at the Pharmacy Show 2021) I caught up with the pharmacy owner about the benefits of Search Engine Optimisation for the Pharmacy Private Clinics.

We talked about how amazingly this had worked for our clients who’d employed our SEO strategy for PCR tests (link to that Case Study), and this pharmacy owner was interested in doing Rapid Antigen Tests.

graph showing 5.5k pharmacy visitors in the last 28 days

In the last 28 days, 2.6k people visited this Pharmacy website, each visitor viewing more than 2 pages on average.

We started work a couple of months later. Developing blogs around service-specific keywords (specific topics displayed in the image below), our aim was generating local traffic to the website from people searching for things related to these services.

screenshot of blog topics created by Pharmacy Mentor

Nearly a year on from that initial conversation, and the pharmacy is experiencing continuous growth in both users and page views. You can see in the chart below how many users that is generating for free, compared to the paid campaigns.

How the Pharmacy is doing at a glance

The pharmacy recently acquired a number of new pharmacies, and is rolling out the same successful formula for those pharmacies.

The owner of this pharmacy group also just took our Perfect Pharmacy Scorecard (a self-assessment showing how well your pharmacy scores against Pharmacy Perfection.) The majority of pharmacies taking this Quiz get a Medium score, so we were delighted with one of our clients scoring so highly, especially in Digital Presence.

What’s next for this pharmacy?

The next step for this pharmacy is increased analytics on their website, as well as further work on getting found for more service keywords, bringing in an even bigger audience across multiple locations. Understanding the user behaviour on the website in greater detail means we can fine-tune the marketing for greater effectiveness.

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Boosting Travel Clinic Bookings with Google Ads Pharmacy


This community pharmacy wanted increased Travel Clinic bookings. On the cusp of summer, making immediate impact was high on the agenda. The pharmacy already had an optimised Travel Clinic page on their pharmacy website designed by Pharmacy Mentor. With a budget of £300, they talked with us discussing their needs and our Diagnose & Prescribe team recommended a Google Ads strategy.


  • Appearing efficiently for target audience.
  • Tracking return on investment.
  • Ensuring effective use of budget.
  • Creating copy for the ad which encourages clicks.

How we did it

Pharmacy Mentor created and ran a smart Google Ad in the pharmacy’s area, which appeared throughout Google’s search network. We linked the advert directly to the pharmacy’s Travel Clinic page, which has a call to action button “Start a Travel Consultation.”


We placed an analytical tracker on the “Start Travel Consultation” button on their website, measuring the amount of people who not only visited their website, but actively began the booking process.


After just £277 (not even the full £300 budget):

  • 2.3k people saw the advert
  • 333 clicks
  • 82 consultations started online
  • 35 Calls direct to the pharmacy

The pharmacy took plenty of bookings and they were delighted. They couldn’t wait to reinvest those profits in additional advertising. We have continued to propel their Travel Clinic to this day with Google Advertising.

Interested in boosting your Travel Clinic with Google Ads? Simply get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.


Pharmacy Mentor launched a new website for a community pharmacy in October 2021. Understanding that websites aren’t much use without visitors, we recommended that the pharmacy employed a blogging strategy, driving traffic from Google to their website.


  • The top of Google is a profitable place, making it competitive.
  • Lots of competing clinics in the local area.
  • Producing professional, ethical advice in the blog.

How we did it

We talked with the pharmacy owners about what services were most profitable for the pharmacy. Once we knew that, we mapped out a 6-month content strategy, covering a range of profitable services the pharmacy wanted patients to find.

Our blogging team then created optimised blog posts on the chosen subjects. These blogs posts answered FAQ’s, highlighted symptoms, causes and treatments for the relevant query and had relevant high-quality imagery supplementing the text.

We started creating the blogs before the website launched, attracting visitors from the moment it went live.


Using Google Analytics, we tracked the traffic generated by these actions for each specific blog post, as well as for the overall website visitors.


From launch, the site averaged around 30 visitors per day, which meant hundreds per week. But the important thing is that these aren’t just people stumbling across the website.

  • 3.6k targeted visitors to the site since launch
  • The pharmacy is the top result on Google for every query we created a blog post for
  • Ear Wax page delivering exceptional results, with over 300 visits in the June 2022.

These visitors are searching for pharmacy services, and they’re finding this community pharmacy online.

The important thing isn’t really how many visitors the website got in the first three months. The important thing is this strategy continually delivers visitors all year round. Especially when Flu season kicks in.

Want to get more visitors to your website? Simply get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.

case study: novonordisk


Novo Nordisk is a leading Global healthcare company. They provide world-class weight management medicine such as Saxenda and the more recent Wegovy injection pens. There is a lot of regulation around this area of medicine, specifically regarding how to promote it. So Pharmacy Mentor worked together with Novo Nordisk, creating a webinar series and educating pharmacists on how they can market their weight management clinic effectively and ethically.


  • Marketing for private weight management clinics needs appeal to prospective patients whilst also following regulations – a hard balance.
  • There is a lot of advertising and promotion in existence that breaches advertising regulations and so it’s extremely important to show pharmacists that there are guidelines.

How we did it

Pharmacy Mentor ran a Webinar “How to Market your Weight Management Service” which was commissioned and funded by Novo Nordisk.

We developed the content in conjunction with the Novo Nordisk team and delivered the webinar four times.

Limiting each session to 50 pharmacists meant more chances for attending pharmacists to ask questions at the end about their pharmacy’s specific situation.

The four sessions ran as live events delivered by our CEO, Saam Ali.


Over 150 pharmacists registered and attended 1 of the 4 webinars, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with both the Novo Nordisk team and the attending pharmacists learning a lot and enjoying the session.

a testimonial from a pharmacist who attended the webinar


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A large pharmacy group needed a new website & wanted to improve the efficiency of their internal communications. They really wanted a partner for all things online rather than just a web agency. After developing a front-end (public-facing) website for them, they then commissioned us to build an intranet in the back-end of the website.


The challenges faced with the public-facing website were mainly down to taking their existing bold, brave, and green branding and creating a design that looked great and modern but also didn’t alienate older customers. The issue with the current website was that newer customers weren’t getting a contemporary experience and that meant potential revenue loss.

The challenges with building the intranet were creating an intuitive intranet and getting the buy-in from the staff members who’d need to use it as a result. Up until that point, they’d been using third-party software like Dropbox and GoogleDrive, which wasn’t efficient across multiple pharmacies, nor was it as secure. There were issues of keeping important company documents and assets across multiple different platforms, i.e. Google Drive, Sharepoint. It’s hard at that point for team members to understand which the most recent document was without inefficient searching across multiple software platforms.

They also wanted to centralise end of month processes, make sure pharmacies had up to date medicine prices without sending bulk emails, and places where the staff could accessing training easily, amongst other things.


Pharmacy Mentor first re-designed the older public-facing website. We delivered a modern website design that still retained the “feel” of the brand. This built a lot of trust with the pharmacy group as a result of the work we did here. So much so that they asked us to create the back-end of the website for them.

  • The CRM we created in the intranet has forums, allowing for quick company-wide messaging and feedback.
  • It also has a cloud-storage solution, meaning no more third-party software for important company assets and documents.
  • The whole system was created with ease-of-use as a priority, to get maximum buy-in from the staff.
  • It allows for all staff to access training easily.
  • It allows dispensed to upload month-end via intuitive forms.
  • All communication is now centralised rather than sending emails and WhatsApp’s, where things get lost.
  • They have “group forums” for all types of situations, for example, “Out of Stock Medicines” and “Pre-reg students”.
  • The solution is flexible to allow for any 3rd party integrations like Mailchimp Newsletters or Hubspot.
  • The solution is mobile friendly so that staff can access it on the go.
  • The solution has in-built HR mechanisms to support holidays/sick leave and other requests


The pharmacy group can now share information company-wide, and get feedback from every single member of staff. This allows the headquarters to coordinate far easier, with much simpler management of multiple branches. It also means a more holistic experience for employees, with a system that doesn’t require much training.

This second project was a lot more involved but has been a huge success since its launch a few months ago and all company members are active on the platform. Feedback has been that team members find it far easier to get the important info they need.

Pharmacy Management System

We’ve balanked out any confidential information

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A pharmacy based in Wales with no digital presence at all, no website, no social media, no email marketing.  The pharmacy is in Wales which means they don’t have EPS either.  They’ve also recently started an Ear & Hearing Health Clinic, as well as signed up for a prescription-reordering app.


The challenges of having no digital presence whatsoever were primarily:

  • Customer acquisition for private clinics, prescriptions, and sign-ups for their new Prescription Collection Point & prescription reordering app.
  • Their phone was constantly ringing and they wanted to move away from dealing with phone calls.
  • They were restricted to offline advertising.
  • Being in Wales, they also don’t have EPS, so another solution to automate needed to be considered.
  • They have no way of cross-promoting their services to their existing community.


Website & SEO

Pharmacy Mentor began by developing their website with a booking calendar, we created Search-engine-optimised (SEO) blog posts (what is SEO?) for their private clinics (e.g., ear wax removal and both NHS & Private flu jab clinics.) We then implemented the following:

  • We created optimised blog posts, written clearly and informatively. The blogs give prospective patients all the information they need to make an informed appointment booking.
  • At the end of their SEO blogs for their clinics are calls-to-action with a conveniently integrated booking calendar.
  • We promote the prescription re-ordering app through organic Facebook channels, as well as the website.

Prescription Automation

  • We created a unique EPS-style form for them. Patients fill in the form, select their local GP and nominate them as a pharmacy. This is then sent to the GP’s for admin/approval.
  • We designed a poster with a QR code to attach to the Prescription Collection Point. This QR Code is linked to the sign-up form for the service.
  • Anyone who signs up to the PCP service gets automatically sent a custom-designed branded welcome email explaining the service and what they need to do. The email has a picture of the pharmacy team which instills a sense of connection early on. It lets the patient know that despite signing up for an automated system, there are real people working behind the scenes.

Social Media & Advertising

  • We created an optimised Facebook & Google profile for their pharmacy. Managing these with branded content is growing awareness in their community of what the pharmacy offers.
  • We create and run ad campaigns both on Google, promoting their Flu Jab clinics, as well as Facebook Ads promoting their Ear Wax Removal service. The Facebook ads in particular drive multiple bookings per week.

The primary function of the ecosystem is to attract new patients digitally (ie with no input from the pharmacists) and retain them within a digital system, be that the Facebook page, an email list, the Prescription re-ordering app, or the PCP sign-up system.


There are a lot of good results here, because starting from zero leaves a lot of ground to cover.

The revenue isn’t being tracked through the website, hence displaying as zero.

Website & SEO

  • We installed analytics into their site two weeks ago, 567 sessions and 1000 page views since that time. (Previous performance is, unfortunately, untracked, but these are good stats for a pharmacy that 6 months ago had no digital presence.)
  • 44% of their website traffic comes from Social Media & Google, directly through the ongoing Social Media & Blogging work we do for them.
  • The booking calendar on their website means all clinic appointments are now booked online. Meaning fewer phone calls.
  • In the past month, they’ve seen 166 appointments booked for either Ear Wax Removals, Ear Health Checks, or Flu Jabs.

Additional Results

  • Their email marketing list is currently at 177 subscribers since its creation 2 months ago. This is currently used to inform patients of services available at the pharmacy, but there’s more potential for promoting products and special offers.
  • We are driving signups to their Prescription Collection Point through both organic Facebook posting, and Facebook Ads.
  • The Prescription Collection Point also generates sign-ups through its QR code, meaning patients who see it and like the idea can sign-up immediately without having to contact the pharmacy. Meaning fewer phone calls.

Overall, the digital ecosystem is up and running successfully. The pharmacists are enjoying the time they get to spend on patient care instead of admin. The digital marketing we’re doing is driving patients to the pharmacy and all the pharmacists have to worry about is patient care. The results aren’t out of this world compared to pharmacies who’ve been operating digitally for years. But this is the very start of this pharmacy’s digital journey and they’re already seeing the benefits.

Now we have analytics installed for them, we can review and optimise our tactics further, which will mean increased success rates further down the line.

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81k visitors in 6 months - seo for websites


A pharmacy focused on private clinical services. They wanted to fill their calendar with clinical appointment bookings, as the profit margins on these services are substantial. They also wanted to reduce the typical level of administration that would come with managing clinical appointments.


The clinic needed to be marketed specifically to patients with needs for clinical services, in order to keep the marketing budget efficient.

For most of the clinics, the patients would need a pre-consultation assessment, in order to assess their suitability for treatment(s).

Patients were largely unaware that a pharmacy would offer the services they sought.


Pharmacy Mentor recommended a Search Engine Optimised blogging strategy.

Because of the size of the budget, we wanted to better track and analyse what was happening, which meant using our Advanced Google Ads management.

  • We created a series of blog posts (1 every 2 weeks) with a focus around the keywords that best represented each clinic, e.g., “Vitamin B12 injections+location.”
  • The blog posts were written clearly and informatively. Walking prospective patients through recognising their symptoms, to what to expect from the treatment.
  • At the end of the blog is a call-to-action with a conveniently integrated booking calendar.

The idea is to create a funnel for each individual clinic, giving every patient an informed, intuitive journey from Google Search to appointment booking.


Each blog post for each clinic ranks #1 on Google for (name of service)+(location). e.g. Blood Tests + Location.

As a result, this pharmacy has generated 81k clicks between the end of March 2021 and the beginning of October 2021.

The margins aren’t exact, as we’re talking about a collection of different services but let’s say for ease of maths, that the average clinical appointment only generates a profit of £10.

If less than half (40k) of those clicks booked an appointment, that would be £400k of revenue generated over 6 months.

Naturally, this is a case study, so it isn’t typical of results. But it shows what can be done.

pcr x seo - graphs showing 36600 pauser sessions and over sixty thousand page views

This image above shows a recent spike in activity due to a recent re-introduction of Day 2 PCR testing. This pharmacy was already #1 on Google for PCR test+location. As a result, when the demand for this service spiked, they were the ones who benefited from 7,000+ page views a day. And that’s the secret to SEO. It is a proactive tactic to capture the business of tomorrow. If you want results today, you need to have started work six months ago (or 2 years ago, as was the case with this pharmacy.)

Want to start your SEO journey with us? Simply get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.


A pharmacy with a travel clinic providing PCR testing. They were managing their own Google Ads, and spending a lot of budget without seeing much return.


The market was competitive, in a big city, especially after the local airport started doing same-day testing. They were spending between £82-£156 a day on their Google Ads, and their conversion rate was 1.5%.

Conversion rate with an ad is the number of people who saw the ad who also then went on to take action (e.g. by calling the pharmacy). This was set by default to anyone who called the pharmacy counting as a lead. Often calls would be a waste of time, and so the conversion rate wasn’t really meaningful.

That means they spent on average £1 for every lead, and only 1 lead out of 100 was converting into a customer. Unless that one lead was buying multiple PCR tests, they weren’t making their money back on that ad spend. We spoke to them about improving their return on investment.


Pharmacy Mentor took over the management of the pharmacy’s Google Ads, to link with the Search Engine Optimised (SEO) landing page for PCR testing we had done earlier.

Because of the size of the budget, we wanted to better track and analyse what was happening, which meant using our Advanced Google Ads management.

  • Utilised Google Tag Manager to monitor activity on the landing page.
  • Tailored every aspect of the ad to suit the business.
  • Analysed the budget to control the cost of each lead, including staying competitive with competitor budgets.
  • We set a parameter of a call lasting over 45 seconds with the pharmacy to count as a qualified lead. Calls under that time were usually a waste of time and of no value.


The conversion rate after we took over the ad exploded from 1% to 21%. (not forgetting that we’d actually made it harder for someone to qualify as a conversion.)

We estimated conversions conservatively at £95 (the cost of a single PCR test) which brings you to the £257k figure shown below in the red box.

That’s the estimated revenue generated.


With a spend of £19k.

In reality, people often bought more than one PCR test when booking, so the actual revenue generated may well be higher.

Whether it could’ve been higher or not, £257k return from £19k investment is a result I don’t think anyone could argue with.



If you’re looking for help in marketing your services better and building on your online presence, then please get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.

Aesthetics websites


A UK-leading cosmetics company in Manchester that also operates a pharmacy. They approached us to rebuild their websites across a few different entities within their business.


The company operates three entities. Two cosmetic training provider brands and a pharmacy that interlinks the two. They wanted to give each of their brands the most modern look and feel but also build them in a way to attract more bookings for the courses they sell. They also wanted to provide a solution for healthcare professionals to be able to reorder aesthetics treatments, medicines and consumables online, and take payments for these online. They needed to reduce the administrative tasks involved in taking and processing these orders.


Pharmacy Mentor creates and executes a development strategy consisting of:

  • Mapping out the user journey and design of each of the websites
  • Developing websites on custom-built, modern and flexible WordPress stages.
  • Integration of 3rd-party online booking systems and payment gateways
  • Building in a WooCommerce online shop to host aesthetics treatments and consumables
  • Providing user accounts for healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals, where they can upload required certifications and documents


We have totally redeveloped and developed beautiful new websites across all entities. The biggest impact seen has been on the ability for healthcare professionals to sign up and order aesthetics treatments and consumables much easier than previously. This has had a direct impact on the time spent on processing orders, the convenience for their customers and the revenue generated online.

For confidentiality reasons, we are unable to disclose the links to the sites nor their names, as they operate all over the UK.

Beautiful, bespoke aesthetics websites

We can import as many treatments as you want


Optimised treatment pages designed to get found online.


We can go as bespoke as you wish


If you’re looking for help in marketing your services better and building on your online presence, then please get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.


A pharmacy approached us to build their website from the ground up and manage their social media profiles. They wanted to incorporate their aesthetics clinic, travel clinic and other major services that they offer, as well as market them via social media.


The pharmacy had no website or social media profiles before we got to work. We needed to build everything from scratch in line with the vague branding given to us by the client.


Pharmacy Mentor creates and executes a marketing and development strategy consisting of:

  • The build of a brand new website
  • Organic social media advertising
  • Paid social advertising and analysis


We developed a beautiful looking site with a great user experience. The site is being used by their patients to contact them, re-order their prescriptions and book for their services. Their services are being found on Google organically, and this traction has been strengthened by the work on social media, driving traffic towards the site, thus delivering conversions. The website is completely flexible to allow for growth i.e. full e-commerce integration, online doctor systems and more. We’re looking forward to the growth of this business online.

If you’re looking for help in marketing your services better and building on your online presence, then please get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.