This year, Pharmacy Mentor was recognised by Chemist+Druggist for our innovation, bringing home the “Online Initiative of the Year” award for 2022.

Saam & Fran delighted to receive the award. And Hugh Dennis, contractually obliged to appear in the photo.

What was the “Online Initiative” we won the award for?

In response to the rapid evolution of mobile technology and digital health, the change in patient behaviour post COVID-19, and an increase in demand from its clients, the Pharmacy Mentor Web team developed the Ultimate Pharmacy Website (UPW) through the vision, direction and guidance of our CEO, Saam Ali.

Before explaining the components of the UPW, it’s useful to understand what makes a website.

All houses are houses

Whether a standard two-up two-down made from bricks, or a work of architectural beauty on the side of a mountain, a house is still referred to as a house.

You can check a box that says “I have a website” with the most basic website money can buy. But that website won’t bring much value to your pharmacy business. Even the most basic website is a website. The Ultimate Pharmacy Website is also a website. But the two are not the same.

What makes it the “Ultimate Pharmacy Website”?

The Ultimate Pharmacy Website features a collection of bespoke website add-ons, allowing pharmacies to:

  • Prescribe and dispense prescription-only medicines (POMs) online via patient group directions or independent prescribers
  • Take payments for medicines online (POM, P and GSL)
  • “Free prescribe” medicines
  • Create subscriptions for recurring medicine services
  • Speak with patients virtually
  • Take clinic bookings and payments
  • Process NHS and private prescriptions
  • Message patients directly

The feedback we’ve had from pharmacies using the Ultimate Pharmacy Website is that it is helping generate new streams of income while saving time administratively. Meanwhile, patients are benefitting from greater access to healthcare and a more timely, hands-on pharmacy service.

Want the Ultimate Pharmacy Website to revolutionise your pharmacy business?

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