pharmacy business conference 2022
The Pharmacy Business Conference is on 14th May 2023 and, as always, promises a wealth of insight, wisdom and knowledge from across the industry. Let’s explore what makes the Pharmacy Business Conference a unique opportunity for pharmacists.

Why attend the Pharmacy Business Conference?

The Pharmacy Business Conference is laser-focused on value for attendees. It’s also focused on running your pharmacy as a business, as the name suggests. And it’s this side of Pharmacy which threatens many pharmacies’ existence right now.

At the conference, you’ll hear from multiple speakers, pose your own questions, network with other pharmacists, and come away with a sense of clarity and direction in what are presently murky waters for many Pharmacy Owners.

Who’s speaking?

The Pharmacy Business Conference has an incredible line-up of speakers this year, from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. Here are just a few of the speakers for May’s event:

  • Anne Joshua – Head of Pharmacy Integration at NHS England.
  • Bernadette Brown – Owner of Cadham Pharmacy, multi-award winning Community Pharmacist in Scotland.
  • Salim Jetha – Chairman of Avicenna, amongst many other career achievements.
  • Trevor Gore – Founder & Consultant at Maestro Consulting & Pharmacy Business Conference Chair.

Concise, precise advice

Your biggest commodity is time, specifically spare time. The Pharmacy Business Conference starts with breakfast at 10am and ends with lunch at 14:30.

In that time, you’ll hear about:

  • The NHS’ plan for Independent Prescribing as part of integrated Pharmacy
  • Technology and automation, and the real world application of these in community pharmacy
  • Best practice for implementing clinical services into your existing pharmacy model.

You’ll also get a chance to put your questions to any of the speakers, which is a unique opportunity considering the line-up.

It’s a really focused four and a half hours, packed with value.

Networking at the Pharmacy Business Conference

In the Pharmacy Industry, networking really pays.

Collaboration, support and advice between friends and colleagues is more important now than ever, and the Pharmacy Business Conference gives you the chance to make new relationships as well as develop existing ones.

There are specific breaks in proceedings for you to network, both for a mid-session refreshment break and at lunch.

Q & A Panels

I personally love panels, I think they’re some of the most insightful formats for these types of events.

The Pharmacy Business Conference 2022 has two panels, the first around developing and delivering clinical services, and the second assessing the next 12-18 months of Community Pharmacy, The panels will answer questions from the audience, each member giving their unique insight and perspective on each query.

We’re attending!

At Pharmacy Mentor, we’re proud that we’re always on the cutting edge. Developing digital innovations helping Community Pharmacies with the problems they’re facing right now is what we’re all about.

It’s our belief that the pharmacies who’ll adapt and survive are the ones who take the time to work on their business, not just in their business.

Making time for the Pharmacy Business Conference is smart time-economy. The clarity and direction you’ll get will save so much thinking time down the line.

Can’t make it? Make time to watch the recording at a later date. It’s not quite the same as being there, but it’s better than nothing at all!

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