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The Pharmacy Mentor team, are thrilled to have developed an exceptional platform dedicated to enhancing the pharmacy sector’s landscape:

Managed by SF Media Ltd, this specialised pharmacy event planning and management company is deeply ingrained in the pharmacy industry, passionately creating events that exceed expectations and drive professional growth.

The team at, understand the dynamic nature of the pharmacy world and the critical role that events play in fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and showcasing the latest trends. With a focus on conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and networking events, they curate experiences that bring together professionals, enthusiasts and thought leaders, creating a vibrant ecosystem for learning and development.

Pharmacy Shows Website

Building The Website

Our team at Pharmacy Mentor collaborated with SF media to develop a website that serves as a central hub for pharmacy professionals, event organisers, and exhibitors alike, catering to their distinct needs and objectives:

Pharmacy Professionals: offers our esteemed pharmacy colleagues a platform to explore a diverse range of pharmacy events and shows throughout the UK. Whether you’re seeking educational conferences, networking opportunities, or industry exhibitions, the website provides easy access to all relevant events under one roof.

Event Organisers: For those looking to host or list pharmacy-related events, provides a seamless platform for event promotion and management. Our listing services are fully optimised to ensure maximum visibility and engagement, helping organisers reach their target audience effectively. By leveraging the platform, event organisers can streamline the planning process and attract a diverse range of attendees, ultimately elevating the success of their events.

Exhibitors: Companies seeking to exhibit at pharmacy events can leverage to connect with the SF Media team and explore exhibition opportunities. They understand the importance of exhibitor engagement in creating a dynamic event environment, and their dedicated team works closely with exhibitors to ensure a seamless and impactful presence at the curated events. Whether you’re showcasing innovative products, services, or solutions, provides a platform to amplify your brand visibility and connect with key stakeholders in the pharmacy industry.

Are you going to The Welsh Pharmacy Show 2024?

Following the success of the Scottish Pharmacy Trade Show last year, SF Media Ltd have expanded to create the Welsh Pharmacy Trade Show which is set to take place o May 15th 2024 at The Vale Resort in Cardiff.

This event presents an efficient opportunity to engage with a wide array of leading industry providers and services within the pharmacy sector, all congregated in a single venue for one day. It features an extensive line-up of exhibitors, alongside educational sessions accessible to all attendees, focusing on pertinent topics related to the Welsh Community Pharmacy contract.

Esteemed speakers from the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), and Community Pharmacy Wales (CPW) will address critical aspects of pharmacy in Wales. Additionally, an exclusive social dinner on the evening of the 15th of May offers a prime networking platform, although attendance is by invitation from the exhibitors only. Sign up for free here.

The Technology Partner

As technology partners, we at Pharmacy Mentor are proud to have built the website, and will continue to develop new features to ensure we’re adapting to the needs of pharmacy professional and exhibitors. Our mission aligns perfectly with this collaboration, as we strive to improve access to healthcare and empower professionals within the pharmacy sector. We love building projects like this and collaborating with fellow industry professionals!

This initiative stands as a testament to the collective dedication and passion of both the Pharmacy Mentor and SF Media teams, who are deeply committed to delivering exceptional experiences for the pharmacy industry. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to foster meaningful connections, help exhibitors and other event organiser develop traction, and educate, to drive the industry forwards.

Find Out More & Sign Up! will be your go-to platform for many pharmacy events and experiences. Whether you’re a pharmacist seeking educational opportunities, an event organiser looking to promote your event, or an exhibitor aiming to showcase your offerings, offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. Visit their website today and stay connected for the latest updates on upcoming events, insightful resources, and networking opportunities within the pharmacy sector.

The Pharmacy Show 2023

The Pharmacy Show 2023, is the most important show of its kind. The show presents an unparalleled opportunity for professionals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors to connect, learn and share advances in both technology and pharmacy practice. As the countdown begins for this groundbreaking annual event, let’s delve into why you should be a part of The Pharmacy Show 2023, how our team at Pharmacy Mentor can help you experience the show to the fullest and the multitude of benefits the show can offer you.

Why Should You Be Going to The Pharmacy Show 2023?

Cutting-edge Insights

The Pharmacy Show is renowned for its ability to curate a platform that brings together the brightest minds, industry leaders, and innovators. Attending the show means gaining access to the most up-to-date information on pharmaceuticals, healthcare technology, patient care, and more. Whether you’re a pharmacist, a healthcare professional, or a researcher, these insights are invaluable in enhancing your knowledge base and decision-making.

Networking Opportunities

The Pharmacy Show acts as a magnet for professionals from diverse sectors of the healthcare industry. This is a unique chance to expand your professional network and foster connections that can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities that extend far beyond the show itself.

Exposure to Innovation

Innovation is the driving force behind our industry. The Pharmacy Show 2023 promises to showcase the latest technological advancements, groundbreaking research, and innovative solutions that are transforming patient care, medicine management and pharmacy marketing. By attending, you’ll be at the forefront of these innovations, gaining insights that can help your organisation remain competitive and agile in our ever-changing industry.

Talks by Industry Leaders

The show offers a myriad of educational sessions, workshops, and seminars conducted by experts who are trailblazers in their respective fields. These sessions can contribute to your professional development, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the challenges of the modern healthcare landscape. This year, our CEO and Founder, Saam Ali, is going to be presenting at the show and will be showing you how to make £10,000’s per month from your pharmacy services.

Pharmacy Mentor at the Pharmacy Show 2023

As the highly anticipated event draws near, we are pleased to announce that our team of experts will be there to speak to and advise you on your pharmacy marketing needs. With a distinguished track record of nurturing numerous pharmacy businesses and teams, our team at Pharmacy Mentor brings forth its extensive wealth of experience, insights, and individualised guidance to this occasion. Covering an array of vital domains, from strategic marketing to business development plans and technological advancements, our team of experts will be readily available to engage with you throughout the event. Our aim is to provide tailored advice to empower community pharmacies throughout the United Kingdom. 

See you at The Pharmacy Show 2023

The Pharmacy Show 2023 is not just a routine industry event; it’s a gateway to a wide variety of opportunities and insights that can shape the trajectory of your career and your pharmacy’s success. From staying updated with the latest innovations to forging meaningful connections, the benefits of attending this show are multifold. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, being a part of this pivotal event can position you at the forefront of change and advancement. Mark your calendar and make sure not to miss out on this transformative experience. Your journey towards a brighter, more informed future in healthcare begins at The Pharmacy Show 2023. Find us here.

the pharmacy show 2021 17th and 18th of october at the nec arena

The Pharmacy Show 2021 is at the NEC Arena in Birmingham on the 17/18th October for two days jam-packed with speakers, networking and exhibitions!

The Pharmacy Show is back!

And we will be there! Pharmacy Mentor thrived after the last Pharmacy Show in 2019. With the show cancelled through the pandemic, we’re extra excited to finally get the chance to go back.

Here are all the reasons we can’t wait for The Pharmacy Show 2021…

Captain Obvious, reporting for duty

We couldn’t possibly assemble a list of reasons we’re excited for the 17th/18th October without addressing the elephant in the room.

It’s just good to be back for a social event, isn’t it?

We’re a largely digital company as it is, so any opportunity to meet our clients is fantastic. It’s been exciting enough to go for drinks after work recently. So an arena bubbling with excitement and optimism has us pumped!

The Pharmacy Show hosts the biggest names and the widest range of businesses in the UK pharmacy industry – there’s nowhere else to find this level of pharma-people all in one place.


It’s a BIG PLUS from the Pharmacy Show

Conversations = Opportunity

This point transcends industries or events. This is life! The entire success of humanity spans from communication. Idea-sharing, collaborations, best practice, new thinking. They all overlap, but none of them come without the conversations. The Pharmacy Show is THE biggest event of the Pharmacy Year, and thousands upon thousands of life-changing conversations will be held here.

Attend with intent. Have the conversations. Understand the opportunities. Explore the possibilities.

Chasing the waves

The Pharmacy industry is the ocean. As a pharmacy, you’re either swimming in it or surfing. Swimming is hard work, all the time. And you move along at a slow and steady pace. But it feels safe. You’re moving at a comfortable speed and you’ve got control. Wipeout (crashing) is a term for surfers, not swimmers. You can’t wipeout doing the breaststroke. And so, you’re happy. You look at the surfers and think, I’m happy not risking falling off and breaking something.

Surfers meanwhile, spend all their time chasing the waves. Chasing the waves is extremely hard work. Harder even than just swimming about, because you’ve got to swim too. You’ve got to swim hard and think about climbing on your board and balancing. But when you catch the wave, that’s when you leave those swimmers in your wake.

Why am I talking about swimming and surfing?

Because when the ocean is calm, you can afford to swim. But when the waters are choppy, swimmers get left behind.  When swimmers get left behind in strong, choppy waters, swimmers can easily drown, no matter how hard they work. And right now, the pharmacy industry is in revolution.

Tune in to the current. Listen to the wave-makers and the champion surfers at The Pharmacy Show. The 17/18th October at the NEC Arena is the right place at the right time for you to catch the next big wave in pharmacy.

Don’t get left behind.

What we’re doing at the Pharmacy Show.

The Pharmacy Show is a great place for industry leaders and service providers to demonstrate what they’re all about.

We’re starting the demonstration early. We’re showing that geographical location isn’t as important as people finding you online, and we’re leading by example. You’ll find us tucked away in a corner of the expo hall at stand G72. But we’re going to guide people to our stand online, the same way we help our clients get found by patients.

We love the opportunities that The Pharmacy Show presents to be creative and dynamic with your exhibition, and we’re doubling down.

Checking out the latest in healthcare technology

As well as exhibiting, we’ll of course be exploring the event ourselves whenever we can.

Digital Health innovations affect everyone across the healthcare and pharmacy industries, so it’s going to be great to see the latest and greatest innovations. There’s no better way to see these than live, with demonstrations and explanations from the companies behind them.

Book your ticket now

You can book your ticket through the official website of The Pharmacy Show 2021, for either yourself or a group.

We’ll see you there!

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