We can build anything at Pharmacy Mentor. We were very excited about the prospect of launching an aesthetics pharmacy clinic, which we knew would be a market-leading contender

About This Pharmacy

Skin On You is a B2B aesthetics pharmacy specialising in dermal filler products and delivering top-notch quality aesthetics products to practitioners at very competitive market prices.

Envisioning to be among the leading market performers in the aesthetics space, Skin On You wanted an all-in-one digital solution to make their operations smoother and deliver a better market presence.

The Challenge

The following were the critical challenges Skin On You faced in building a brand and business that would compete against the big players already established in the market:

  • Aesthetics Practitioner Account Creation: It needs to have a system through which the aesthetics practitioners could log in and create an account. It is subject to approval of their documentation.
  • Prescriber Signup and Approval: The robust prescriber signup and approval process was needed.
  • Advanced Electronic Signature and E-prescription Generation: An advanced electronic signature and e-prescription generation mechanism to drive compliance and smoothen operations.
  • Complete E-commerce System: It required an advanced e-commerce system, related only to aesthetic products, that handles sales.
  • GPhC Compliance: They needed to ensure the website adhered to all the latest GPhC guidelines when operating at a distance

The solution had to be one that was both comprehensive and cost-effective; the maximum budget was £25,000.

The Solution

To ensure we hit the client’s objectives, we needed to go down the route of a tailor-made website, which involved a thorough discovery phase at the outset, involving key stakeholders. Some of the key steps and strategies are detailed as follows:

  • Deep Discovery Phase: We had sessions with our CEO and Senior Project Manager to plan out the entire website architecture with respect to branding, design, development, content, and user types.
  • Brand Development: A catchy brand for Skin On You was created, focusing mainly on making a statement in the market.
  • Bespoke Website Design: The website design was done in Figma, focusing on having a user-friendly and engaging user interface.
  • Comprehensive User Flows: Elaboration of integrated user flows of practitioners, prescribers, and pharmacists enabled them to have an uninterrupted experience.
  • Advanced Prescribing System: Safe, end-to-end online prescribing system with an advanced electronic signature system
  • Tailored Dashboards: Building custom dashboards for all user types to add to functionality and user experience
  • E-commerce System: Reshaped and integrated a powerful, popular e-commerce system specifically set up for Vatable POM products and P-lines to efficiently manage and supply these types of medicines
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Setting up everything regarding SEO to make sure of maximum exposure at first launch.
  • 3rd Party Software Integration: Mailchimp, Free Agent, Royal Mail, DPD, and various payment gateways to help automate processes while reducing the administrative burdens.
  • Rigorous Testing: Extensive testing from all user types was conducted to make sure that the system was robust and user-friendly.
  • User Training: Providing thorough training to users so they could use the new systems effectively.

The Results

The bespoke solution we developed for Skin On You delivered impressive results:

  • Market-Leading Website: The new website is already making a significant impact in the market, positioning Skin On You as a leader in the aesthetics pharmacy space.
  • Seamless Sign-up Processes: The practitioner and prescriber sign-up processes are seamless, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.
  • Extensive Product Catalogue: Hundreds of top-end products have been built into the site with technical SEO, ensuring high visibility and accessibility.
  • Fully Scalable System: The comprehensive end-to-end aesthetics practitioner prescribing system is fully scalable, providing a robust platform for future growth.

To Conclude

This case study shows how a specially developed digital solution can transform this B2B aesthetics pharmacy business, solve essential challenges, and provide far-reaching growth. We have created for Skin On You a market-leading website with new advanced functionalities that will help them run their business in a more structured, user-friendly, and effective way, and support them in building a strong market presence.

The sky is the limit for this company.

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