Aesthetics websites


A UK-leading cosmetics company in Manchester that also operates a pharmacy. They approached us to rebuild their websites across a few different entities within their business.


The company operates three entities. Two cosmetic training provider brands and a pharmacy that interlinks the two. They wanted to give each of their brands the most modern look and feel but also build them in a way to attract more bookings for the courses they sell. They also wanted to provide a solution for healthcare professionals to be able to reorder aesthetics treatments, medicines and consumables online, and take payments for these online. They needed to reduce the administrative tasks involved in taking and processing these orders.


Pharmacy Mentor creates and executes a development strategy consisting of:

  • Mapping out the user journey and design of each of the websites
  • Developing websites on custom-built, modern and flexible WordPress stages.
  • Integration of 3rd-party online booking systems and payment gateways
  • Building in a WooCommerce online shop to host aesthetics treatments and consumables
  • Providing user accounts for healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals, where they can upload required certifications and documents


We have totally redeveloped and developed beautiful new websites across all entities. The biggest impact seen has been on the ability for healthcare professionals to sign up and order aesthetics treatments and consumables much easier than previously. This has had a direct impact on the time spent on processing orders, the convenience for their customers and the revenue generated online.

For confidentiality reasons, we are unable to disclose the links to the sites nor their names, as they operate all over the UK.

Beautiful, bespoke aesthetics websites

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Optimised treatment pages designed to get found online.


We can go as bespoke as you wish


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