the pharmacy show 2021 17th and 18th of october at the nec arena

The Pharmacy Show 2021 is at the NEC Arena in Birmingham on the 17/18th October for two days jam-packed with speakers, networking and exhibitions!

The Pharmacy Show is back!

And we will be there! Pharmacy Mentor thrived after the last Pharmacy Show in 2019. With the show cancelled through the pandemic, we’re extra excited to finally get the chance to go back.

Here are all the reasons we can’t wait for The Pharmacy Show 2021…

Captain Obvious, reporting for duty

We couldn’t possibly assemble a list of reasons we’re excited for the 17th/18th October without addressing the elephant in the room.

It’s just good to be back for a social event, isn’t it?

We’re a largely digital company as it is, so any opportunity to meet our clients is fantastic. It’s been exciting enough to go for drinks after work recently. So an arena bubbling with excitement and optimism has us pumped!

The Pharmacy Show hosts the biggest names and the widest range of businesses in the UK pharmacy industry – there’s nowhere else to find this level of pharma-people all in one place.


It’s a BIG PLUS from the Pharmacy Show

Conversations = Opportunity

This point transcends industries or events. This is life! The entire success of humanity spans from communication. Idea-sharing, collaborations, best practice, new thinking. They all overlap, but none of them come without the conversations. The Pharmacy Show is THE biggest event of the Pharmacy Year, and thousands upon thousands of life-changing conversations will be held here.

Attend with intent. Have the conversations. Understand the opportunities. Explore the possibilities.

Chasing the waves

The Pharmacy industry is the ocean. As a pharmacy, you’re either swimming in it or surfing. Swimming is hard work, all the time. And you move along at a slow and steady pace. But it feels safe. You’re moving at a comfortable speed and you’ve got control. Wipeout (crashing) is a term for surfers, not swimmers. You can’t wipeout doing the breaststroke. And so, you’re happy. You look at the surfers and think, I’m happy not risking falling off and breaking something.

Surfers meanwhile, spend all their time chasing the waves. Chasing the waves is extremely hard work. Harder even than just swimming about, because you’ve got to swim too. You’ve got to swim hard and think about climbing on your board and balancing. But when you catch the wave, that’s when you leave those swimmers in your wake.

Why am I talking about swimming and surfing?

Because when the ocean is calm, you can afford to swim. But when the waters are choppy, swimmers get left behind.  When swimmers get left behind in strong, choppy waters, swimmers can easily drown, no matter how hard they work. And right now, the pharmacy industry is in revolution.

Tune in to the current. Listen to the wave-makers and the champion surfers at The Pharmacy Show. The 17/18th October at the NEC Arena is the right place at the right time for you to catch the next big wave in pharmacy.

Don’t get left behind.

What we’re doing at the Pharmacy Show.

The Pharmacy Show is a great place for industry leaders and service providers to demonstrate what they’re all about.

We’re starting the demonstration early. We’re showing that geographical location isn’t as important as people finding you online, and we’re leading by example. You’ll find us tucked away in a corner of the expo hall at stand G72. But we’re going to guide people to our stand online, the same way we help our clients get found by patients.

We love the opportunities that The Pharmacy Show presents to be creative and dynamic with your exhibition, and we’re doubling down.

Checking out the latest in healthcare technology

As well as exhibiting, we’ll of course be exploring the event ourselves whenever we can.

Digital Health innovations affect everyone across the healthcare and pharmacy industries, so it’s going to be great to see the latest and greatest innovations. There’s no better way to see these than live, with demonstrations and explanations from the companies behind them.

Book your ticket now

You can book your ticket through the official website of The Pharmacy Show 2021, for either yourself or a group.

We’ll see you there!

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