Zero to £120,000k for private DSP
This Case Study literally blew our minds, and it still does. Dive into how we helped this private DSP go from literally no online presence to making over £120,000 per month, in the space of five months (and they’re growing daily)

About This Pharmacy

This Private DSP, consisting of Independent Prescribers (IPs), began their journey with us in November 2023. Their primary goal was to establish a GDPR-compliant website to leverage their prescribing status for selling prescription-only medicines (POMs). Recognising their budget constraints and specific needs, we recommended a modified version of our UPW (Ultimate Pharmacy Website) solution, which was perfectly aligned with their objectives.

The Challenge

The key challenges faced by the DSP included:

  • Compliance: Launching a GPhC-compliant website to facilitate the online prescribing and the sale/supply of POM’s
  • Budget Constraints: Developing a cost-effective solution that meets their specific requirements
  • Establishing Authority: Building trust and authority quickly in a competitive and growing online marketplace

The Solution

We implemented a comprehensive strategy to address their needs:

  • Our Custom-built UPW Solution: Developed and launched a GPhC-compliant website in January 2024, providing a robust platform for online prescribing and the sale/supply of POM’s. The solution was tailored to meet their requirements as a private DSP business, so we had to remove the NHS parts of the solution. We changed the content and colours to meet their branding guidelines.
  • Custom Labelling System: Created a custom compliant labelling solution compatible with their Zebra printer, streamlining their operational processes, ensuring they save time during their dispensing process.
  • SEO and Content Strategy: Performed full on-page SEO for their treatment options and advised on building authority through Trustpilot reviews and keyword-targeted technical blog content.
  • Advice and Support: Throughout the process, we’ve advised on the best 3rd party engagement tools to use, such as their email marketing and live chat systems, and trending/in-demand products.

The Results

The results over the past six months have been remarkable:

  • Organic Traffic Growth: From 0 clicks, organic website traffic surged to an average of 100 clicks and 2,000 impressions per day, with a daily upward trend.
Private DSP Website Performance

Using Search Console, we can measure organic traffic over time. They have grown to 100 clicks per day in a relatively short space of time. It’s all about the keywords.

  • Revenue Generation: Due to excellent customer service and high customer retention, the pharmacy is generating over £120,000 per month, with continual growth. This has far exceeded what we had imagined in the first year of business.
Private DSP website growth

Some products have exploded in terms of sales, as you can see by the numbers. These numbers represent close to 800 orders in the month of May 2024. This screenshot has been taken from the reporting dashboard of the UPW.

Return on Spend with Pharmacy Mentor

The website was launched in January 2024 and the company has spent the following with us:

  • Website Build (UPW) = £10,000
  • Hosting & Maintenance = £149 per month
  • SEO Management Fee = £950 per month

Revenue generated from Jan 2024 to June 2024 = £366,871

Return on spend with Pharmacy Mentor (ROSWPM) = 22.1X or 2210% and is continuing to grow

Asset-building: This pharmacy has built a client base of 2,117 patients so far in their database, making it a highly valuable asset to the company.

Further savings made with Pharmacy Mentor:

  • Expert pharmacy consultancy fees (usually £150 per hour)
  • Hours and hours saved from explaining how their business works (worth £1000’s)

What’s next for this pharmacy?

Building on this success, our focus for the next phase includes:

  • PPC Campaigns: Implementing expert Pay-Per-Click campaigns to further drive traffic and conversions. We’re planning to take their growth to the next level.
  • User Experience Optimisation: Enhancing the user journey and patient experience to improve retention and satisfaction.
  • Growth Potential: With the solid foundation in place, the potential for growth is immense, and we are committed to maximising it.

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