A UPW Case - 810% ROSPM & £15,000 per month
This is a great case of the Ultimate Pharmacy Website (UPW) becoming the hub for the pharmacy, generating consistent monthly revenue, allowing them to grow in completely new directions, alongside their NHS journey

About This Pharmacy

This is a case study of an NHS DSP pharmacy that approached us over a year ago with ambitious plans for expansion in the digital sphere. The pharmacy wanted to develop online services by selling Prescription Only Medicines (POM’s), facilitate bookings for clinical services, especially its travel clinic, and promote patient nominations through its website. The clients are IP’s and so can prescribe.

We were working from scratch. No online presence. So we also needed to create a GPhC DSP-compliant website so they could gain their licence to practice.

The Challenge

Several major challenges faced the pharmacy:

  • Expand online sales of POM’s: Design an appropriate, secure online prescription system to sell Prescription Only Medicines while adhering to all applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Online booking system for clinical services: They wanted to make it easier for patients to book appointments for their travel clinic, which requires a user-friendly and efficient system.
  • Driving patient nominations: Patient nominations were important to create a loyal customer base and build the NHS side of the business.
  • Supporting aspiring owners: The business owners do not want to stop growing and therefore need a team that they can depend on, and have the flexibility to build new website features & functionalities

These were challenges for which an all-inclusive digital solution was required, one that would not only seamlessly integrate with existing operations but also be designed to convert users into customers, while keeping GPhC-compliant.

The Solution

To address these challenges, we recommended our Ready To Run Ultimate Pharmacy Website (UPW) solution. This comprehensive digital platform was already built, but it was then tailored to meet the specific design requirements for the pharmacy. Some of the key features of the system include:

  • Comprehensive Online Prescribing System: A safe and user-friendly system for selling/prescribing POM’s, assuming full compliance with all regulatory standards.
  • E-commerce Capabilities – They are taking payments through the website directly for their POM’s and in-clinic services.
  • Appointment Booking System: An integrated booking solution for the travel clinic, allowing patients to book appointments on the go.
  • Optimised for Private Services & Products: The website had to be optimised for the private services and products that the pharmacy offered, so that it became more visible and accessible right from the launch.
  • Patient Nomination Drive: They are driving patient nominations through the site, encouraging loyalty, repeat visits and upsell opportunities.
  • Live Chat: They are highly responsive to customer queries about their services and products

Watch our CEO take you through the system step by step. Note – we have an R&D team working on this all the time, and new features will have been added to the system. Book in to speak with us about them!

The Results

Over the past 12 months of implementing the UPW solution, there have been fantastic results for the pharmacy:

  • Sales Growth: The pharmacy generated £86,206 in sales through the online prescribing system and selling POMs online. This sharp increase in revenue comes as proof of the effectiveness of the digital platform in providing convenience to expand their market exposure.
  • Clinical Service Appointments: There were 289 travel clinic appointments booked via the new system that show, in turn, the efficiency and convenience for patients to book appointments online.
  • Patient Loyalty: The pharmacy was able to acquire 984 loyal patients. This turns around great patient experience and the power of programs in place to motivate patient referrals.
UPW Pharmacy Sales

Sales in the last year show £82,206 from their prescribing clinic alone.

Return on Spend with Pharmacy Mentor

The clients took the following from PM:

  • Website Build (UPW) = £10,000
  • Hosting & Maintenance = £149 per month

Revenue generated in the last 12 months:

  • Online Prescribing = £82,206
  • Travel Clinic = Average of £75 in revenue per sale. Therefore, 289 x £75 = £21,675

Return on Spend with Pharmacy Mentor (ROSPM) = 8.1X or 810%

Note: We believe this client is doing some marketing with a partner agency of ours.

Asset-building: This pharmacy has built a client base of 984 patients so far in their database, making it a highly valuable asset to the company.

Further savings made with Pharmacy Mentor:

  • Expert pharmacy consultancy fees (usually £150 per hour)
  • Hours and hours saved from explaining how their business works (worth £1000’s)

To Conclude

The case study outlines how our Ultimate Pharmacy Website (UPW) made things different by asserting the kind of challenges an NHS DSP prescribing pharmacy would face. With the implementation of this comprehensive digital platform, we helped the pharmacy grow online sales, streamline clinical service bookings, and nurture strong patient loyalty – ultimately driving outstanding business growth and enhanced quality care.

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