Saam Ali
CEO and Founder

Saam Ali MRPharm

CEO and Founder

Saam Ali, (Reg: 2066169) is a pioneer in the digital healthcare space with over 18 years of expertise. He broke new ground by pioneering some of the UK’s first Travel, Hair Loss, and Erectile Dysfunction clinics within a community pharmacy. A strategic mind, he has managed multi-million-pound pharmacies and orchestrated hub-and-spoke dispensing at an executive level.
Yet, his last 10 years have been a metamorphosis: from an expert pharmacist to a digital marketing whizz, and prolific web developer. His biggest passion in the digital marketing space is SEO, but you’ll find him talking all things Digital Pharmacy.
Recognising the void in community pharmacy’s online presence, he founded Pharmacy Mentor – a beacon that helps pharmacies navigate the digital landscape. Acting as the CEO, his company has helped 1000’s of pharmacies through improved digital marketing and building better online ecosystems.
Saam’s overarching mission? To democratise global healthcare access.
When he unplugs, you’ll find him recharging amidst the serenity of the Peak District, biking or hiking with his wife.