Saam Ali
CEO and Founder

Saam Ali MRPharm

CEO and Founder

Osama Ali, professionally know as Saam Ali, is an experienced pharmacist (Reg No. 2066169) of 14+ years. His pharmacist years have seen him pioneer one of the UK’s first Travel, Hair Loss and Erectile Dysfunction clinics in a Community Pharmacy setting, manage pharmacies turning over multi-millions in revenue, and work on hub and spoke dispensing projects at head office levels.
However, for the last 8+ years, he has focussed on passions away from the dispensary to become an expert digital marketer, skilled web developer and video course creator.
After understanding the pandemic that existed for Community Pharmacy in the online space, he decided to create Pharmacy Mentor, to help pharmacies capitalise on the opportunities that exist digitally. His personal mission is to improve access to healthcare globally.
When he’s not working, he’ll be walking or mountain biking in the Peak District with his wife or spending time with family. He’s also working on curbing his addiction to Linkedin.