Read about one of the most successful website launches we’ve come across at our time her at PM where this pharmacy has been transformed


Sector: Community Pharmacy + Private

2500+ Ear Wax Removal Bookings

incredible roi on ear wax removal marketing

Learn how we helped this pharmacy near London generate over £150,000+ in revenue from their Ear Health Clinic alone

Website & Calendar + SEO

Sector: Community Pharmacy + Private

18,400+ Travel Clinic Bookings

18,400 travel clinic bookings in 2022

Learn how we helped this pharmacy in the North of England generate over £1,000,000 in revenue in 2022 alone from the Travel Clinic

Website & Calendar + Paid Ads + SEO

Sector: Community Pharmacy + Private

Transferring 1000’s patients

Prescription Reordering System

Discover how we helped this pharmacy chain break free from their legacy system and begin to grow their private service offering

Pharmacy Website

Sector: Community Pharmacy + Private

Skyrocket Travel Clinic Bookings

Around 19 to 90 Travel Clinic Bookings in 30 Days

Understand what we did to help this pharmacy break barriers with their travel clinic and transform the revenue generated from it

Paid Advertising

Sector: Community Pharmacy + Private

Record-breaking Flu Jab Bookings

7,200 flu bookings by ranking high on google

This Case shows how we used local SEO to rank a Pharmacy high on Google, and built a Booking Calendar into their existing website.

SEO & Website Development

Sector: Community Pharmacy + NHS/Private


private clinic marketing

Having worked with this growing pharmacy multiple for years, see how marketing their Private Clinic has made a huge impact on their business.

Paid Meta & Google Ads, SEO & Website Development

Sector: Community Pharmacy + Private


Boosting Travel Clinic Bookings with Google Ads Pharmacy

Take a look at how we’ve immediately made an impact on the Travel Clinic for this business, harnessing the rise in Summer demand

Advanced Google Ads

Sector: Online Pharmacy + Private

Creating a Digital ecosystem

We helped this pharmacy go from zero digital presence to a fully-fledged digital pharmacy.

Social Media, Website Development & SEO:
Bespoke mixture of services

Sector: Independent Community Pharmacy

Building an Intranet

Read about our recent Intranet & Website project, and how it transformed internal communications for this large pharmacy group.

Search Engine Optimisation:
Bespoke Package

Sector: Independent Community Pharmacy

81k website visitors in 6 months

81k visitors in 6 months - seo for websites

See how we drove tens of thousands of people to this pharmacy over the course of 6 months for their clinical services.

Search Engine Optimisation:
Bespoke Package

Sector: Independent Community Pharmacy

E-Commerce Pharmacy Website

Learn how we’ve helped a pharmacy generate a record-breaking £220,000 + in monthly sales from travel-related COVID tests.

Digital Marketing and Development Pack: Bespoke Monthly

Sector: Independent Community Pharmacy

Increasing Patient Signups

Increasing EPS Nominations

Learn how we’re helping a small pharmacy chain increase new patient signups to between 50 and 100 every month.

Digital Marketing and Development Pack: Mild Facebook Ads

Sector: Independent Community Pharmacy

Aesthetics and e-commerce

Aesthetics websites

Learn how we’ve rejuvenated the online presence of a cosmetics company and built an e-commerce consumables ordering system.

Digital Development Pack:

Sector: Cosmetics Training & Pharmacy


PCR Test Pharmacy

Learn how we helped a pharmacy generate over £10,000 in sales revenue per month just from selling PCR Tests. It’s mad!

Digital Marketing and Development Pack:

Sector: Independent Community Pharmacy

24/7 Robot EPS Sign ups

Prescription Marketing

Learn how we are helping pharmacies across the Nation sign up 100’s of patients (and EPS nominations) to their 24/7 collection machines.

Digital Marketing and Development Pack:
PharmaSelf 24 Marketing

Sector: Independent Community Pharmacy

Travel Clinic Website

Learn how we’ve helped a pharmacy in Edinburgh generate over £15k per month in pharmacy service revenue in under one year.

Digital Marketing Pack:
Bespoke Monthly

Sector: Independent Community Pharmacy

Reach Pharmacy

Pharmacy Mentor has helped Reach Pharmacy in building better brand awareness across Google for their Flu Jab services

Digital Marketing Pack:
Optimised blog post

Sector: Independent Community Pharmacy


Pharmacy Mentor has helped train the pharmacy staff at Cloyne Pharmacy in Ireland on the use of Facebook. See how.

Digital Marketing Pack:
Online Course

Sector: Independent Community Pharmacy