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The Perfect Pharmacy Scorecard is a comprehensive health check-up for your pharmacy business. It allows you to assess where your pharmacy stands against benchmarks of success.
Just like routine check-ups, when done periodically, you eliminate issues that may otherwise insidiously hurt your pharmacy’s bottom line.
30 simple questions
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Measured against the four main areas of pharmacy

See how your pharmacy scores and focus on where you need to improve


Automation is the foundation on which your successful pharmacy business is built. Automating tasks reduces errors and streamlines revenue. It also frees up your staff for vital tasks.

Digital Presence

Digital Presence is about embracing the way the world works. Your community is online, so your pharmacy should be. A good digital presence is as important as a good physical location (and sometimes more important!)

Patient Experience

Central to everything is the experience your pharmacy offers patients. How you build on, or improve that experience can also make a big difference to your bottom line. The other key areas also contribute here.


Your pharmacy brand might not seem so important. But your content, your professional look and the way you work distinguishes you from other pharmacies and inspires confidence that you’re the right choice.

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