Prescription Reordering System
This Independent Community Pharmacy in the South West of the UK were stuck to their previous website because they had 1,000’s of patients on the re-ordering tool. But they needed to move away to grow in new directions

About the Pharmacy

This Pharmacy is a small multiple in the Southwest of the UK, with 3 pharmacies in the area. They had a basic, templated pharmacy website, which functioned as a subscription-based prescription re-ordering tool.

The Challenge

This pharmacy came to us in aid of growing their business more effectively. As part of the Growth Consultation they had with us, they knew they had to change to a more flexible website that would allow for the growth of their private side of the business. However, they felt stuck with their current website provider because they had 1,000’s of patients registered to the 3rd-party prescription re-ordering tool.

Another challenge when migrating patients onto a new system is that it isn’t only the pharmacy who is moving software. Making the patients aware of the transition is entirely necessary, as they’ll be ordering from a new system when it goes live. A smooth transition is vital, making sure they’re comfortable with the change and that it works first time.

an image showing the internal patient dashboard for an EPS system

The patient dashboard on the new site, displaying the area where new prescriptions orders, both NHS and Private, appear when patients re-order them.

The Results

The pharmacy has beautiful website with a modern interface, keeping things simple for both patient and pharmacist. What’s more, they own the website. This means the patient data is theirs and if they ever want to go anywhere else, the website goes with them and is not deleted.

The migration was rolled out carefully, with patients being sent emails with simple instructions of how to log in to the new system.

  • 1000’s of patients successfully using the system and ordering prescriptions
  • Live chat system – which is busy, showing patients’ preference for communicating that way
  • Separate Private Prescription Ordering
  • Online bookings for services now available through their website
  • Optimised service pages for the locality, resulting in greater website traffic for relevant keywords

What’s next for this pharmacy?

Possible next steps for this pharmacy:

  • Build a mailing list for retaining patients and encouraging return visits to clinics
  • Increase visibility of their new website with more SEO articles and a focus on clinic keywords
  • Continue building extra functionality into the website, such as the Independent Prescribing module

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