Prescription Marketing
“When you provide your audience with a unique innovative solution that will help make a difference to their lives, such as the ability to collect prescriptions conveniently 24/7, 365 days a year,  it’s a beautiful recipe for marketing.”
Saam Ali – Founder and CEO, Pharmacy Mentor


Pharmacy Mentor worked with Hub and Spoke Innovations to understand how to drive more people to sign up and use the Pharmself24 machine in the pharmacies that they are installed in.


  • A Pharmaself24 machine is installed into a pharmacy but the only way pharmacy owners are signing people up is when the person comes into the pharmacy.
  • Although the machine provides the most convenient way to collect prescriptions, 1000’s of people in the community still don’t know about it.
  • The pharmacy has no or a poor digital avenue to allow for patients to sign up easily.
  • The pharmacy owner does not know what is the best way to sign people up or have the time to implement.


Pharmacy Mentor works with the pharmacy to employ an affordable and effective digital marketing strategy that will:

  • Provide several digital avenues (website, social media, online forms etc) to understand which works best.
  • Create and execute highly engaging, localised and targeted sponsored Ads.
  • Analyse the results of the Ad and reform to make even more effective.


We’re helping an increasing number of Pharmself24 customers Nationally reach their target audience more effectivly, increase awareness of the machine and drive signups.

Example No.1

Pharmacy in Central Scotland

  • Purchased a Standard Ad pack from us
  • Developed 804 clicks
  • Reached 11,256 people in a 3km radius around the pharmacy
  • Converted 199 patients


Phenomenal ROI achieved with this Ad


Example No.2

Pharmacy in Northwest England

  • Purchased a Standard Ad pack from us
  • Developed 415 clicks
  • Reached 10,208 people in a 2km radius around the pharmacy
  • Converted 127 patients



Digital marketing plays a key role in helping more people know about the unique services you offer. It can very effectively engage the audience around your pharmacy and get them to take action, such as signing up to use your Pharmaself24 machine. It is by far the most affordable marketing and should be an integral part of a pharmacy’s business model.


Saam Ali - The Pharmacy Mentor

If you’re looking for help in marketing your services better and building on online presence, then please get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.