We can build anything at Pharmacy Mentor. We were very excited about the prospect of launching an aesthetics pharmacy clinic, which we knew would be a market-leading contender

About This Pharmacy

Skin On You is a B2B aesthetics pharmacy specialising in dermal filler products and delivering top-notch quality aesthetics products to practitioners at very competitive market prices.

Envisioning to be among the leading market performers in the aesthetics space, Skin On You wanted an all-in-one digital solution to make their operations smoother and deliver a better market presence.

The Challenge

The following were the critical challenges Skin On You faced in building a brand and business that would compete against the big players already established in the market:

  • Aesthetics Practitioner Account Creation: It needs to have a system through which the aesthetics practitioners could log in and create an account. It is subject to approval of their documentation.
  • Prescriber Signup and Approval: The robust prescriber signup and approval process was needed.
  • Advanced Electronic Signature and E-prescription Generation: An advanced electronic signature and e-prescription generation mechanism to drive compliance and smoothen operations.
  • Complete E-commerce System: It required an advanced e-commerce system, related only to aesthetic products, that handles sales.
  • GPhC Compliance: They needed to ensure the website adhered to all the latest GPhC guidelines when operating at a distance

The solution had to be one that was both comprehensive and cost-effective; the maximum budget was £25,000.

The Solution

To ensure we hit the client’s objectives, we needed to go down the route of a tailor-made website, which involved a thorough discovery phase at the outset, involving key stakeholders. Some of the key steps and strategies are detailed as follows:

  • Deep Discovery Phase: We had sessions with our CEO and Senior Project Manager to plan out the entire website architecture with respect to branding, design, development, content, and user types.
  • Brand Development: A catchy brand for Skin On You was created, focusing mainly on making a statement in the market.
  • Bespoke Website Design: The website design was done in Figma, focusing on having a user-friendly and engaging user interface.
  • Comprehensive User Flows: Elaboration of integrated user flows of practitioners, prescribers, and pharmacists enabled them to have an uninterrupted experience.
  • Advanced Prescribing System: Safe, end-to-end online prescribing system with an advanced electronic signature system
  • Tailored Dashboards: Building custom dashboards for all user types to add to functionality and user experience
  • E-commerce System: Reshaped and integrated a powerful, popular e-commerce system specifically set up for Vatable POM products and P-lines to efficiently manage and supply these types of medicines
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Setting up everything regarding SEO to make sure of maximum exposure at first launch.
  • 3rd Party Software Integration: Mailchimp, Free Agent, Royal Mail, DPD, and various payment gateways to help automate processes while reducing the administrative burdens.
  • Rigorous Testing: Extensive testing from all user types was conducted to make sure that the system was robust and user-friendly.
  • User Training: Providing thorough training to users so they could use the new systems effectively.

The Results

The bespoke solution we developed for Skin On You delivered impressive results:

  • Market-Leading Website: The new website is already making a significant impact in the market, positioning Skin On You as a leader in the aesthetics pharmacy space.
  • Seamless Sign-up Processes: The practitioner and prescriber sign-up processes are seamless, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.
  • Extensive Product Catalogue: Hundreds of top-end products have been built into the site with technical SEO, ensuring high visibility and accessibility.
  • Fully Scalable System: The comprehensive end-to-end aesthetics practitioner prescribing system is fully scalable, providing a robust platform for future growth.

To Conclude

This case study shows how a specially developed digital solution can transform this B2B aesthetics pharmacy business, solve essential challenges, and provide far-reaching growth. We have created for Skin On You a market-leading website with new advanced functionalities that will help them run their business in a more structured, user-friendly, and effective way, and support them in building a strong market presence.

The sky is the limit for this company.

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A UPW Case - 810% ROSPM & £15,000 per month
This is a great case of the Ultimate Pharmacy Website (UPW) becoming the hub for the pharmacy, generating consistent monthly revenue, allowing them to grow in completely new directions, alongside their NHS journey

About This Pharmacy

This is a case study of an NHS DSP pharmacy that approached us over a year ago with ambitious plans for expansion in the digital sphere. The pharmacy wanted to develop online services by selling Prescription Only Medicines (POM’s), facilitate bookings for clinical services, especially its travel clinic, and promote patient nominations through its website. The clients are IP’s and so can prescribe.

We were working from scratch. No online presence. So we also needed to create a GPhC DSP-compliant website so they could gain their licence to practice.

The Challenge

Several major challenges faced the pharmacy:

  • Expand online sales of POM’s: Design an appropriate, secure online prescription system to sell Prescription Only Medicines while adhering to all applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Online booking system for clinical services: They wanted to make it easier for patients to book appointments for their travel clinic, which requires a user-friendly and efficient system.
  • Driving patient nominations: Patient nominations were important to create a loyal customer base and build the NHS side of the business.
  • Supporting aspiring owners: The business owners do not want to stop growing and therefore need a team that they can depend on, and have the flexibility to build new website features & functionalities

These were challenges for which an all-inclusive digital solution was required, one that would not only seamlessly integrate with existing operations but also be designed to convert users into customers, while keeping GPhC-compliant.

The Solution

To address these challenges, we recommended our Ready To Run Ultimate Pharmacy Website (UPW) solution. This comprehensive digital platform was already built, but it was then tailored to meet the specific design requirements for the pharmacy. Some of the key features of the system include:

  • Comprehensive Online Prescribing System: A safe and user-friendly system for selling/prescribing POM’s, assuming full compliance with all regulatory standards.
  • E-commerce Capabilities – They are taking payments through the website directly for their POM’s and in-clinic services.
  • Appointment Booking System: An integrated booking solution for the travel clinic, allowing patients to book appointments on the go.
  • Optimised for Private Services & Products: The website had to be optimised for the private services and products that the pharmacy offered, so that it became more visible and accessible right from the launch.
  • Patient Nomination Drive: They are driving patient nominations through the site, encouraging loyalty, repeat visits and upsell opportunities.
  • Live Chat: They are highly responsive to customer queries about their services and products

Watch our CEO take you through the system step by step. Note – we have an R&D team working on this all the time, and new features will have been added to the system. Book in to speak with us about them!

The Results

Over the past 12 months of implementing the UPW solution, there have been fantastic results for the pharmacy:

  • Sales Growth: The pharmacy generated £86,206 in sales through the online prescribing system and selling POMs online. This sharp increase in revenue comes as proof of the effectiveness of the digital platform in providing convenience to expand their market exposure.
  • Clinical Service Appointments: There were 289 travel clinic appointments booked via the new system that show, in turn, the efficiency and convenience for patients to book appointments online.
  • Patient Loyalty: The pharmacy was able to acquire 984 loyal patients. This turns around great patient experience and the power of programs in place to motivate patient referrals.
UPW Pharmacy Sales

Sales in the last year show £82,206 from their prescribing clinic alone.

Return on Spend with Pharmacy Mentor

The clients took the following from PM:

  • Website Build (UPW) = £10,000
  • Hosting & Maintenance = £149 per month

Revenue generated in the last 12 months:

  • Online Prescribing = £82,206
  • Travel Clinic = Average of £75 in revenue per sale. Therefore, 289 x £75 = £21,675

Return on Spend with Pharmacy Mentor (ROSPM) = 8.1X or 810%

Note: We believe this client is doing some marketing with a partner agency of ours.

Asset-building: This pharmacy has built a client base of 984 patients so far in their database, making it a highly valuable asset to the company.

Further savings made with Pharmacy Mentor:

  • Expert pharmacy consultancy fees (usually £150 per hour)
  • Hours and hours saved from explaining how their business works (worth £1000’s)

To Conclude

The case study outlines how our Ultimate Pharmacy Website (UPW) made things different by asserting the kind of challenges an NHS DSP prescribing pharmacy would face. With the implementation of this comprehensive digital platform, we helped the pharmacy grow online sales, streamline clinical service bookings, and nurture strong patient loyalty – ultimately driving outstanding business growth and enhanced quality care.

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Whether you are just starting out in providing clinic services, or you have been dispensing vaccines for years, Pharmacy Mentor can help you grow. We’re a team of talented individuals helping pharmacies of all shapes and sizes drive revenue in new ways. Talk to us to see how we can help you:

facebook advertising

Thanks to how easily accessible it is, pharmacies are increasingly turning to social media platforms like Facebook to promote their services and attract new customers. Facebook advertising stands out as a cost-effective and efficient method for driving pharmacy nominations. In this case study, we explore the successful implementation of Facebook advertising to drive nominations, highlighting key strategies and insights for maximising results.

Harnessing the Power of Facebook Ads for Pharmacy Sign-Ups

Facebook advertising offers pharmacies a fast and low-cost avenue to reach potential customers and drive pharmacy nominations. The long-term benefits of acquiring loyal customers make this channel a worthwhile investment. With Facebook’s built-in sign-up forms, collecting patient data and enrolling them with your pharmacy becomes seamless and convenient.

facebook advertising for pharmacy

Case Study: Successful Sign-Up Campaign

A real-life example of a successful sign-up campaign is one of our paid advertising clients. In the last 30 days, this client allocated a budget of approximately £250 for Facebook advertising with the primary objectives of driving pharmacy nominations and promoting their 24/7 collection point. Despite the modest budget, the campaign yielded impressive results, garnering 19 sign-ups at an average cost of £13.16 per new customer. 

Pharmacy Mentor Marketing Manager Brad Girtz said, “Facebook ads are a great way to get more nominations, especially for pharmacies with a 24/7 machine. They are also brilliant for building brand awareness and recognition for newer or lesser known pharmacies.”

While £13.16 might seem a bit steep for a nomination, considering the potential lifetime value of these customers, it proves to be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

On average, adults in England visit a pharmacy 16 times a year, and the standard price for a medicine (item) on the NHS is £9.65. That works out to just over £154 per year spent in the pharmacy by each new customer. When you take this into consideration, this makes £13.16 per new customer seem very affordable. You can further your customer value by providing private service upsells such as ear wax removal and travel vaccines to generate extra revenue.

Using Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) for Enhanced Engagement

In our experience, incorporating unique selling propositions (USPs) such as same-day delivery or a 24/7 prescription collection point can significantly enhance ad engagement and drive sign-ups. These value-added services not only differentiate the pharmacy from competitors but also resonate with potential customers seeking convenience and accessibility.

One thing to keep in mind when creating pharmacy ads is that the people scrolling on Facebook aren’t looking to sign up for a pharmacy. They are simply scrolling on social media. This also means they’re not in the mindset to analyse complicated USPs so concise, convincing points are a must.

When a potential new patient looks at your ad, they will first notice the image, then the headline, and then the text. Because of this, USPs need to be short and sweet to grab their attention. A great way of doing this is by adding the USP to the image.

We are also seeing an increase in pharmacies promoting the Pharmacy First service. This service offers great USP’s: no GP wait times, antibiotics prescribing, a range of treatments and more. If your pharmacy offers the Pharmacy First scheme, why not read our blog on Which Pharmacy First Services Have The Highest Earning Potential? 

Understanding the Two Types of Patients

When looking for pharmacy sign-ups, it’s essential to distinguish between two types of patients: single-use and multi-use patients.

Single-Use Patients: These individuals require services that are typically one-off or infrequent, such as travel vaccinations. For these services, the focus is on achieving a lower cost per conversion to attract a broader audience.

Multi-Use Patients: In contrast, multi-use patients rely on repeat services, generating recurring revenue for the pharmacy. Examples include individuals seeking treatments for conditions like erectile dysfunction. While optimising for a lower cost per conversion remains important, the potential for recurring revenue justifies a slightly higher acquisition cost.

If we are talking about signing up for a pharmacy, we have to assume that all the patients will be using the pharmacy multiple times. With that in mind, let’s look at how we can divide and target patents in a different way.

Parents and Families

Parents are a valuable target group because their pharmacy needs to extend beyond themselves to their children. Here’s how you can effectively target them:

  • Facebook Ads allow for detailed targeting options based on interests related to parenting, family activities, childcare products, etc.

New Movers

People who have recently moved to a new area are an ideal target group since they may not yet have a preferred local pharmacy. Strategies include:

  • You can target new movers similarly to parents and families by using detailed targeting to refine your audience based on their interests. For this one, you would choose interests such as first-time buyers tips, home renovation etc.
  • Another way you can target this demographic is to purchase data on new movers from real estate companies, moving services, or specialised data vendors.

Older Adults

Older adults typically have more frequent and varied healthcare needs, making them a key demographic for pharmacies.

  • Platforms like Facebook, have a significant user base among older adults. You can target this age demographic specifically by selecting your desired ages in your campaign settings.

Conclusion: Driving Sign-Ups and Fostering Long-Term Relationships

In conclusion, Facebook advertising offers pharmacies a powerful platform for driving sign-ups and expanding their customer base. By capitalising on Facebook’s targeting capabilities, crafting compelling advertisements, and leveraging unique selling propositions, pharmacies can attract a variety of patients, ultimately fostering long-term relationships and maximising lifetime customer value. While there is an initial investment, the potential for lifelong purchases and customer loyalty makes it worthwhile for any pharmacy looking to grow its business in the digital age.

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Zero to £120,000k for private DSP
This Case Study literally blew our minds, and it still does. Dive into how we helped this private DSP go from literally no online presence to making over £120,000 per month, in the space of five months (and they’re growing daily)

About This Pharmacy

This Private DSP, consisting of Independent Prescribers (IPs), began their journey with us in November 2023. Their primary goal was to establish a GDPR-compliant website to leverage their prescribing status for selling prescription-only medicines (POMs). Recognising their budget constraints and specific needs, we recommended a modified version of our UPW (Ultimate Pharmacy Website) solution, which was perfectly aligned with their objectives.

The Challenge

The key challenges faced by the DSP included:

  • Compliance: Launching a GPhC-compliant website to facilitate the online prescribing and the sale/supply of POM’s
  • Budget Constraints: Developing a cost-effective solution that meets their specific requirements
  • Establishing Authority: Building trust and authority quickly in a competitive and growing online marketplace

The Solution

We implemented a comprehensive strategy to address their needs:

  • Our Custom-built UPW Solution: Developed and launched a GPhC-compliant website in January 2024, providing a robust platform for online prescribing and the sale/supply of POM’s. The solution was tailored to meet their requirements as a private DSP business, so we had to remove the NHS parts of the solution. We changed the content and colours to meet their branding guidelines.
  • Custom Labelling System: Created a custom compliant labelling solution compatible with their Zebra printer, streamlining their operational processes, ensuring they save time during their dispensing process.
  • SEO and Content Strategy: Performed full on-page SEO for their treatment options and advised on building authority through Trustpilot reviews and keyword-targeted technical blog content.
  • Advice and Support: Throughout the process, we’ve advised on the best 3rd party engagement tools to use, such as their email marketing and live chat systems, and trending/in-demand products.

The Results

The results over the past six months have been remarkable:

  • Organic Traffic Growth: From 0 clicks, organic website traffic surged to an average of 100 clicks and 2,000 impressions per day, with a daily upward trend.
Private DSP Website Performance

Using Search Console, we can measure organic traffic over time. They have grown to 100 clicks per day in a relatively short space of time. It’s all about the keywords.

  • Revenue Generation: Due to excellent customer service and high customer retention, the pharmacy is generating over £120,000 per month, with continual growth. This has far exceeded what we had imagined in the first year of business.
Private DSP website growth

Some products have exploded in terms of sales, as you can see by the numbers. These numbers represent close to 800 orders in the month of May 2024. This screenshot has been taken from the reporting dashboard of the UPW.

Return on Spend with Pharmacy Mentor

The website was launched in January 2024 and the company has spent the following with us:

  • Website Build (UPW) = £10,000
  • Hosting & Maintenance = £149 per month
  • SEO Management Fee = £950 per month

Revenue generated from Jan 2024 to June 2024 = £366,871

Return on spend with Pharmacy Mentor (ROSWPM) = 22.1X or 2210% and is continuing to grow

Asset-building: This pharmacy has built a client base of 2,117 patients so far in their database, making it a highly valuable asset to the company.

Further savings made with Pharmacy Mentor:

  • Expert pharmacy consultancy fees (usually £150 per hour)
  • Hours and hours saved from explaining how their business works (worth £1000’s)

What’s next for this pharmacy?

Building on this success, our focus for the next phase includes:

  • PPC Campaigns: Implementing expert Pay-Per-Click campaigns to further drive traffic and conversions. We’re planning to take their growth to the next level.
  • User Experience Optimisation: Enhancing the user journey and patient experience to improve retention and satisfaction.
  • Growth Potential: With the solid foundation in place, the potential for growth is immense, and we are committed to maximising it.

Ready to take your pharmacy to the next level?

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chat gpt hacks

When it comes to pharmacy management, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence can significantly streamline operations, enhance patient care, and improve overall efficiency. Some pharmacies have already begun using AI to handle a wide variety of tasks. ChatGPT being the most popular tool right now. However, the vast majority of pharmacies (and we’re talking about 90% or so) are still in the dark about it, and are not using it. This is probably because of time constraints.

To help you take advantage of this new resource, we have compiled ten innovative ways ChatGPT can transform your pharmacy. For each one, we have also included a sample prompt to guide you in implementing these ChatGPT hacks effectively.

Did you see our original article on ChatGPT for Pharmacy?

1. Crafting Business Plans

Hack: Utilise ChatGPT to draft a comprehensive business plan that outlines your pharmacy’s vision, mission, target market, competitive analysis, and financial projections.

Example Prompt: “Create a detailed business plan for a community pharmacy focusing on personalised medicine, including an executive summary, market analysis, marketing strategies, operational plan, and financial projections.”

While ChatGPT will not be able to fill in the numbers for your finances or other bespoke metrics, It will provide you with a great business plan structure which saves you time and allows you to focus on running your business.

2. Developing Marketing Plans

Hack: Generate a strategic marketing plan tailored to your pharmacy’s needs, highlighting unique selling propositions, digital marketing strategies, and customer engagement plans.

Example Prompt: “Develop a marketing plan for a pharmacy that specialises in holistic health solutions, including online and offline marketing strategies to increase customer base and engagement.”

This is a great option because you can feed ChatGPT a huge amount of data about your business like your focus, core products, information about your customers etc. Then it will generate a marketing plan tailored to your brief. That can save hours of work, and you can even use the data from your marketing plan brief to generate other marketing materials using ChatGPT. This includes advertising text, emails to customers and social media posts.

Need help creating a plan specific for your business? Get in touch.

3. Designing Pharmacy Floor plans

Hack: Use ChatGPT to brainstorm and outline a customer-friendly and efficient floor plan that enhances the shopping experience while optimising the workflow for staff.

Example Prompt: “Suggest a layout for a small pharmacy that maximises retail space efficiency, improves patient privacy at consultation areas, and ensures a smooth workflow for staff.”

Remember, you can also include things in your prompt to ChatGPT like what products you want to push, what products your customers are most likely to buy and what services you offer. This gives you tailored advice and the ability to quickly generate updated floor plans if you add new products or services in the future.


chatgpt hacks


4. Creating Training Plans

Hack: ChatGPT can help design comprehensive training programs for pharmacy staff, covering topics like customer service, product knowledge, and compliance with health regulations.

Example Prompt: “Create a training plan for pharmacy staff that includes modules on customer service excellence, understanding pharmaceutical products, and adherence to health and safety regulations.”

You can also add things to your prompt like, “Make sure each deliverable is measurable”. This will help you create goals that you can easily track so you can stick to your plan without having to spend loads of time keeping track of nebulous objectives.

Did you see Saam’s LinkedIn post on 10 ChatGPT Pharmacy Hacks? We’ve embedded it here too:

10 ChatGPTpt Pharmacy Hacks

5. Setting Up a Chatbot

Hack: Leverage ChatGPT to set up a chatbot that can handle customer enquiries, provide information on medications, and even assist with refill requests, freeing up staff for more critical tasks.

Example Prompt: “Design a chatbot script for a pharmacy website that can answer FAQs about medications, store hours, and services offered, including handling refill requests.”

You can actually see an example of an AI chatbot by checking out Sam The Pharmacy Assistant. This type of chatbot can be used to answer basic questions, but you can also add in more complicated functionality if you wish.

6. Personalising Health Plans

Hack: Utilise ChatGPT to create personalised health and medication plans for patients, taking into account their medical history, lifestyle, and specific health goals.

Example Prompt: “Generate a personalised medication management plan for a patient with diabetes and high blood pressure, including lifestyle advice and medication reminders.”

This is a great option for streamlining what would otherwise be a long and repetitive task you would need to complete for multiple clients. You can even generate a generic prompt and then just fill in different information based on the patient’s needs. For example, you could include the recommended number of daily calories, dates and times for each medication, and recommended exercises. Plus you could ask ChatGPT to include a daily schedule for each day of the week so your patient had a bullet-pointed list they could follow.

7. Analysing Pharmacy Data

Hack: ChatGPT can assist in analysing pharmacy data to identify trends, improve inventory management, and optimise the product mix based on customer preferences and seasonal demand.

Example Prompt: “Analyse sales data from the past year to identify trends in medication purchases and suggest adjustments to inventory levels and product offerings.”

This hack will rely on your current data as well as ChatGPT. You will need to be able to feed in good sales information to ensure ChatGPT can provide proper analysis. Depending on your data and what you want to know, you may need to ask more specific questions than the above example prompt, simply because ChatGPT will need clear direction to isolate the information you are interested in.



8. Managing Dangerous Situations

Hack: Develop protocols with ChatGPT’s help for managing emergencies or dangerous situations in the pharmacy, such as handling aggressive customers or responding to medical emergencies.

Example Prompt: “Create a protocol for pharmacy staff to follow in the event of a medical emergency within the store, including steps for immediate response and when to contact emergency services.”

It can be difficult to think of all the potential situations that could arise, so you may want to start by asking ChatGPT something like “What are the most common dangerous situations that occur at a pharmacy”. This will then allow you to generate protocols for the list it provides.

9. Generating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Hack: ChatGPT can help draft clear and comprehensive SOPs for every aspect of your pharmacy’s operations, ensuring consistency and compliance with regulatory standards.

Example Prompt: “I’m a pharmacist independent prescriber. Create an SOP that ensures I can confidently and ethically prescribe Viagra for ED.”

This is a great tool because it allows you to quickly set up SOPs for a variety of medications and situations. That helps you manage your team and ensures all your employees are adhering to the same guidelines in your pharmacy.

10. Providing General Advice

Hack: Utilise ChatGPT for a wide range of general advice, from managing daily operations and customer service tips to staying updated with industry trends and regulatory changes.

Example Prompt: “Provide advice on improving customer satisfaction in a pharmacy setting, including tips on enhancing the in-store experience and effectively responding to customer feedback.”

This last hack is great because it essentially tells you to treat ChatGPT like Google. If you have a question or need something done, start by asking ChatGPT. Often times it can provide a great answer or at least give you the framework needed to solve your problem more efficiently.

Using ChatGPT Hacks For Your Pharmacy

By integrating these ChatGPT hacks into your pharmacy’s operations, you can not only streamline processes and improve efficiency, but also significantly enhance the level of care and service provided to your patients. Embracing AI tools like ChatGPT opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to stay competitive and responsive in the fast-evolving healthcare landscape.

Want more advice on how to use ChatGPT to power your pharmacy business? Get in touch and organise a coaching call with one of our experts.




Pharmacies serve as crucial touchpoints for people in Communities seeking medical guidance, products and services, often acting as the first line of defence in healthcare provision. In today’s digital age, the healthcare industry is evolving rapidly, with a growing emphasis on accessibility and convenience through digital platforms.

Alphega, a leading pharmacy network in the United Kingdom, recognise the need to enhance the online presence of their members to better serve their customers, and reached out to our team at Pharmacy Mentor. Alphega wanted to develop a cost-effective yet impactful website solution, aligning with its mission to improve access to healthcare through pharmacies.

The Challenge

Alphega approached our team to understand what was possible. They sought a website solution that could be developed swiftly, integrating seamlessly with their existing app and booking calendar. While our team at Pharmacy Mentor are renowned for crafting bespoke, high-end websites, Alphega were keen on a more economical option to cater to businesses hesitant about digital transformation.

Our Approach

At Pharmacy Mentor, we understand the importance of providing value to our clients, regardless of the project scope. While we excel in creating top-tier websites, we completely understand the need for getting online quickly and developing a presence. We devised a unique solution – a beautifully designed landing page-style website that offers a powerful identity while remaining incredibly cost-effective. We aim to turn this type of website around in 2 weeks.

This website solution, though streamlined compared to our standard offerings, is fully optimised, flexible, and, importantly, owned entirely by the pharmacy. Unlike other providers, we ensure that our clients retain full control and ownership of their digital assets. While the functionality may be scaled down, the website still provides a robust online presence, enhancing the pharmacies visibility and accessibility to its customers. The website remains completely scalable and allows patients to book in for vital services. Take a look at the full website here.

The unique Alphega – Pharmacy Mentor website starter offering

Case Study

An exemplary illustration of our collaboration with Alphega is the development of this website, showcased at Broomwood Pharmacy in Timperly. By leveraging our expertise, we transformed their online presence into a user-friendly and visually stunning platform. The quick turnaround time and seamless integration of a blogging platform enables us to develop technically optimised content to promote more of their offering. With Pharmacy Mentor’s deep understanding of the pharmacy landscape, Broomwood Pharmacy simply had to fill out a form, and we took care of the rest.

Improving access to healthcare through pharmacy

Pharmacy Mentor is dedicated to supporting Alphega Pharmacy Members with their websites and digital marketing needs to enhance their online presence and drive tangible results. Both organisations are superbly aligned in improving access to healthcare through pharmacies.

Saam Ali, CEO and Founder of Pharmacy Mentor, gives us the following statement about working with Alphega on this initiative:

“Our partnership with Alphega Pharmacy, led by Rob and his team, has been a pivotal step in helping pharmacy owners get digital. By co-creating a unique website offering for Alphega Members, we’ve merged a top-class website with affordability, while ensuring minimal turn-around times, great impact, and importantly scalability and flexibility. This is a great starting point for Alphega Members, and the site can naturally evolve with their ever-evolving business. This collaboration is a testament to what innovative thinking and strategic partnerships can achieve.”

Rob Spooner of Alphega Pharmacy also had this to say:

“Collaborating with the Team at Pharmacy Mentor has elevated our digital offering for Alphega Members, blending innovation with our core values. Saam and his Team at Pharmacy Mentor brought our vision to life, offering a standout online platform that will help the pharmacy extend their healthcare offering. This partnership not only highlights our commitment to digital excellence but also marks a significant leap forward for our members.”

Order Your Website Now

If you’re keen on ordering this new website solution, simply book in for a quick consultation using the form below, where we can talk to you about it. If you’re happy to proceed, we’ll get you on your digital way!

pharmacy first checklist

The Ultimate Pharmacy First Digital Checklist

The Pharmacy First Scheme is a pivotal and proactive approach to managing common ailments and promoting public health within our communities. It is vital to align your pharmacy’s marketing strategies to this proactive approach for patients to find and utilise the services you now offer. This may seem daunting and time-consuming, but our team at Pharmacy Mentor are here to help you. We have composed the ultimate Pharmacy First Digital Checklist to help you deliver the service faster and reach more patients.


Pharmacy First Digital Checklist


In the evolving land of healthcare, digital optimisation has become essential for pharmacies to effectively market and manage schemes like Pharmacy First in England. This guide provides pharmacy owners with actionable strategies to enhance their online presence and streamline operations through various digital tools and platforms.

Website Optimisation

The first thing pharmacy owners need to look at is their own website, their digital pharmacy home, as this where everything will stem from.

  • Develop a New Website Banner: Create an eye-catching banner that prominently features the Pharmacy First scheme to grab visitors’ attention and communicate the pharmacy’s participation in the program.
  • Develop a Pharmacy First Landing Page: Design a dedicated landing page for Pharmacy First, integrating a booking calendar embed for easy appointment scheduling by patients.
  • Develop Condition-Specific Pages: Create individual pages for each Pharmacy First condition, embedding booking calendars to facilitate appointment bookings directly from the respective condition pages.
  • Website Pop-up: Implement a website pop-up to highlight Pharmacy First benefits, services offered, and encourage visitors to book appointments or explore the scheme further.
  • Add Live Chat Feature: Incorporate a live chat feature to provide real-time assistance to website visitors, answering queries related to Pharmacy First eligibility, services, and appointment bookings.

Online Booking Calendar

The next item to look at is your booking calendar (embedded within your website). This is going to be essential in streamlining your operations and saving time for you along this scheme.

  • Categorise Pharmacy First: Integrate Pharmacy First as a distinct category in the online booking calendar, allowing patients to easily identify and schedule appointments under the scheme.
  • Service Pages for Conditions: Create separate service pages for each Pharmacy First condition, providing detailed information and embedding the booking calendar for seamless appointment booking.
  • PGD Questions for Data Capture: Utilise Pre-Registration Questionnaires within the booking system to capture patient data efficiently, saving time during appointments and ensuring compliance with Pharmacy First requirements.
  • Integration with Video Conferencing: Integrate video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Hangouts within the booking system for remote consultations, enhancing accessibility and convenience for patients.
  • Delivery and Payment Options: Provide options for home delivery of medications and flexible payment methods through the online booking system to accommodate patient preferences.
  • Automatic Feedback Mechanism: Integrate an automatic feedback mechanism within the booking system to collect patient feedback post-appointment, enabling continuous improvement of services and maximising social proofing.

Bookmarking Essential Sites

Bookmark essential websites such as PharmaOutcomes, NHS Profile Editor, CPPE, and others mentioned in the above guide, ensuring quick access to valuable resources related to the implementation and management of the Pharmacy First Scheme. Create a folder in chrome now and bookmark those important websites and tools:

Social Media Activity

Establish, maintain and optimise active profiles on platforms like:

  • Google Business – This channel is particularly important as people will begin to use Google Maps as a Search Tool
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Nextdoor
  • TikTok

This will help you to engage with the local community, share updates about Pharmacy First, and attract potential patients.

Other Useful Apps

Utilise apps like Google Hangouts/Zoom for virtual consultations, BNF for medication information, MD Calc for medical calculations, Drugs.com for drug information, and others to enhance pharmacy services and support Pharmacy First implementation.

Download the Pharmacy First Digital Checklist

By implementing the strategies outlined in this Pharmacy First Digital Checklist, pharmacy owners can effectively market their participation in the scheme, streamline appointment bookings, and enhance patient engagement and satisfaction. Embracing digital optimisation not only strengthens the pharmacy’s online presence but also facilitates efficient management of Pharmacy First services, ultimately benefiting both the pharmacy and their patients.

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Please note we can also provide support and guidance for marketing the Common Ailments Scheme in Wales. Contact us to find out more. 

This is a very clear example of how we’ve helped change the business model for this pharmacy and activate a whole new stream of business income, primarily from their Travel Clinic. Read on!

About This Pharmacy

This Midlands-based pharmacy, with a long history of providing exceptional healthcare services, has been our client for four years. They sought to expand their digital reach to grow their travel clinic, amongst other NHS and Private services. Our collaboration encompassed a full suite of digital marketing and development services, including building a new, optimised pharmacy website with integrated booking calendar, social media management, SEO, and paid advertising.

The Challenge

The pharmacy’s primary goal was to grow its travel clinic. Despite offering a quality service, they were not reaching their potential market. They needed a strategy that could effectively target and attract customers to their specialised travel clinic services.

The Solution

Following a strategy call and understanding what the main objectives were overt the next 12-months, we pursued with the following:

  • Google Ads Campaign: We launched targeted Google Ads campaigns focusing on components of their travel clinic services, leveraging well-researched keywords and compelling ad copy. Their campaigns were well looked after, optimised and nurtured over the duration of the year.
  • Conversion Tracking: To better measure the ROI of our ad campaigns, we implemented conversion tracking on the pharmacy’s website and booking calendar. This allowed us to track actions showing intent to visit and actual online bookings.
  • Integrated Digital Approach: Alongside the Google Ads, we continued to bolster the pharmacy’s digital presence through ongoing SEO efforts, social media engagement, and website optimisation.

The Results

The campaign delivered outstanding results:

  • Impressive ROI: With an ad spend of just £3,929 across the 12-month period, the campaign generated 4,870 website clicks, 1,680 actions showing intent to visit, and 628 digital bookings made through their booking calendar. If we’re assuming an average revenue of £100 per consultation, this equates to £62,800 in revenue, yielding a staggering 15.9X ROI. This is from paid advertising and online booking conversions alone. If we had spent more, we would have generated more bookings. However, we were constraint to clinic space availability.


The pharmacy has seen great returns from Paid Advertising on Google, from only a small monthly spend


  • Booking Surge: The pharmacy saw a total of 1,100 bookings across services, averaging 92 clinic bookings per month. The travel clinic emerged as the top service, followed by ear wax removal and NHS flu vaccines.

The pharmacy has recorded a total of 1100 bookings across 12-months

What’s next for this pharmacy?

With the travel clinic’s success, the pharmacy is now focusing on expanding its Pharmacy First services and existing clinics. Our agency is poised to continue our support with:

  • Enhanced Digital Marketing: Tailoring our digital marketing strategies to promote the expanded services.
  • Website Evolution: Further developing the website to highlight new services and streamline the user experience.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilising the data gathered from current campaigns to refine our approach and target new market segments.

Ready to take your pharmacy to the next level?

Whether you are just starting out in providing clinic services, or you have been dispensing vaccines for years, Pharmacy Mentor can help you grow. We’re a team of talented individuals helping pharmacies of all shapes and sizes drive revenue in new ways. Talk to us to see how we can help you:

The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide for transforming your travel clinic into a bustling hub of activity. In an era where travel is more than just a luxury, it’s a lifestyle, ensuring your clinic stands out in this competitive market is crucial. Whether you’re starting fresh or looking to revitalise your existing clinic, this guide, developed by our CEO, will provide you with essential strategies to skyrocket your bookings and establish your clinic as a top choice for travellers.

Key Channels:




Generate £1000’s in revenue per week

Embarking on the journey to increase your travel clinic’s bookings requires a blend of innovative strategies, patient-focused services, and smart marketing. By implementing the tips and techniques outlined in this guide, you’re not just aiming for incremental improvements; you’re setting the stage for a remarkable transformation.

Remember, success in this domain isn’t just about numbers; it’s about becoming a trusted, go-to destination for travel health needs. So, start today, embrace these strategies, and watch as your travel clinic becomes the preferred choice for hundreds of adventurers and travellers.

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The Omnichannel Approach

In an age where pharmacies are rapidly evolving beyond traditional roles, embracing innovative strategies to stand out and succeed is crucial. With the advent of Pharmacy First and the growing trend of private clinics, pharmacies are at a pivotal point.

Enter P.R.E.S.C.R.I.B.E.S, a marketing methodology designed to catapult your pharmacy into the forefront of healthcare services.




The Need for a New Approach

As pharmacies expand their scope to include clinics, both under the NHS and Privately, the competition intensifies. It’s no longer just about dispensing medication; it’s about becoming a comprehensive healthcare provider. This shift demands a robust, dynamic approach to marketing and patient engagement. That’s why we developed the P.R.E.S.C.R.I.B.E.S Method – to help you strategise and implement what’s needed for growth in the new era.

  1. Presence Online: Your digital storefront. A user-friendly, informative website is your first step in attracting and retaining modern healthcare consumers.
  2. Regular Blogging: Become a trusted source of health information. Regular, SEO-friendly blogging drives organic traffic and establishes your authority.
  3. Email Marketing: Forge stronger connections. Regular updates, health tips, and personalised content keep your patients engaged and loyal.
  4. SEO: Be the top choice. Optimise your online content to ensure your pharmacy is easily found by those seeking healthcare solutions.
  5. Campaigns on Google Ads: Expand your reach. Targeted ads place your services in front of the right audience, increasing visibility and patient influx.
  6. Reviews: Build trust through transparency. Showcase patient feedback to enhance your pharmacy’s credibility and attract new patients.
  7. Integrated Payments: Simplify the patient experience. Offer convenient, secure online payment options.
  8. Booking System Online: Maximise accessibility. An efficient online booking system ensures patient convenience and streamlines your operations.
  9. Effective Design: Reflect your quality. A well-designed website speaks volumes about the professionalism and care you offer.
  10. Social Media Engagement: Build a community. Engage with patients on social media platforms to strengthen relationships and foster a sense of community.


Setting you up for success

As Pharmacy First heralds a new chapter for pharmacies, adopting the P.R.E.S.C.R.I.B.E.S methodology is not just an option; it’s a necessity for those looking to lead in this new era. It’s a comprehensive blueprint that aligns your digital presence with your in-clinic excellence, ensuring your pharmacy is not just a choice, but the choice for healthcare consumers.

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