Pharmacy Blog Post Ideas

Are you stuck for pharmacy blog post ideas? You know that having a blog is central to promoting your pharmacy business online. After all, business websites that include a blog have a 434% better chance of ranking highly on search engines like Google.

But if your pharmacy blog only has one entry and it’s called “Welcome to our blog” you risk losing credibility and it may even harm your Google ranking.

Coming up with healthcare blog ideas may feel like a chore and you might not have the time to give to writing content. But consider these statistics on why you need to commit time and resource to your blog:

  • 66% of marketers also use their blog content for their social media posts
  • 81% of people consider blogs to be trusted sources of information
  • 94% of people will share a blog if they think the content is helpful.

Trusted and helpful? That sounds exactly how a community pharmacy should be described.

To help you get started or to revitalise an existing blog, Pharmacy Mentor is here to help with twenty-seven pharmacy blog post ideas:

27 Pharmacy Blog Post Ideas

1. Tips for staying healthy

Get straight down to business as offer some advice on staying healthy. This could be ideas on maintaining a healthy lifestyle but avoid getting preachy. Other topics could be how to reduce IBS symptoms or avoiding flu this winter (and don’t forget to link to your flu jab service).

2. Think seasonal

New Year is weight-loss and quitting smoking, summer is allergies and sun protection.  Winter is avoiding colds and looking after our elderly.

3. Frequently asked questions

What are those questions you get asked time and time again? Answer them in a blog post!

4. Frequently un-asked questions

What are the questions your customers may be too embarrassed to ask? Such as how do you use a suppository. Answer these in a blog post too.

5. What’s the difference between…

For example, what’s the difference between paracetamol and ibuprofen? Or what’s the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

6. Post a video

Take a tour of your pharmacy including your consultation rooms; show where to find the sunscreen or painkillers or demonstrate how to properly use an inhaler.

7. What would you do if…

… you found someone’s prescription or if you lost the paper copy of your own prescription.

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8. Go behind the scenes

Talk about stock checks, what happens to the prescription charge that patients may have to pay and how you locate each prescription medicine.

9. Bust some terminology

What does a medical professional mean when they say something is topical? What is an acute condition and when does it become chronic? Bust some terms you often use to help patients with their health literacy.

10. A round-up all of your services

Create a blog post containing all the services you offer and what treatments patients can readily access from you.

11. Pharmacy vs GP

As the pharmacist’s role in the community continues to evolve, patients awareness of accessing healthcare can be left behind. So let your customers know when should a patient visit their GP and when should they come to you instead.

12. Communication and inclusivity

What languages are spoken by you and your team? Do you cater to any disabilities such as sign language or people with sensory conditions or autism?

13. A day in the life

Go through a typical shift for different roles within your pharmacy team. How does an early shift compare to an evening or weekend shift?

14. Heath awareness days or months

Our calendar is littered with awareness months and international days of something. May is skin cancer awareness month, for example.

15. Create an infographic

Feeling creative? Try creating an infographic on a topic (such as stats on oral health or reasons to stop smoking) using a free tool like Infographics are great for posting on social media too and you might get a few shares from them as well.

16. Have a debate

Do you and a colleague have a difference of opinion? It could be pharmacy related or totally off-topic. A blog post on your viewpoints will bring personality to your content.

17. Celebrate staff accreditations and qualifications

Yes, celebrating the success of your staff not only shows off your skills and competencies but it also demonstrates what a caring team of people work in your pharmacy.

18. Customer success stories

Tell how you recently helped a customer solve a health problem. This could be how you were able to source an out of stock medicine, how you used your discretion or how you worked with the patient find that right solution for them.

19. Spotting the signs of…

… someone having a stroke, sepsis or if you’re experiencing a bad reaction to a new medicine.

20. Discuss something controversial

Maybe there is a new wonder drug available or what about the use of medical cannabis? Talk about it, however, remember to present a balanced view.

21. Charity work

Writing about the charity work you do is a great way to show your customers what a friendly and helpful community pharmacy you are.

22. Use your social media

Find a blog post idea from the comments or messages you’ve received through your social media channels.

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23. Staff profiles

You can keep it strictly professional and talk about training, qualifications and career motivation. Or keep it fun with favourite ice cream flavours or whether they prefer cats or dogs. Include a decent photo too as that will add to the friendliness of your pharmacy team.

24. Share some humour

Got a good pharmacy meme or a joke? So, share it.

25. “What not to do” posts

Quick advice posts that dispell mistakes people often make. For example, “What not to do if you burn yourself”, “What not to do if you forget to take your prescription” etc.

26. Disagree with popular opinion

No – we don’t need Vitamin D supplements and why people should stop using antibacterial hand gels.

27. Create a round-up post

Choose a theme and curate previous blog posts that fit that theme.

Your pharmacy blog post ideas need to offer helpful content

Remember what you are trying to achieve with your pharmacy blog post ideas. It’s more than selling services. It’s about building the reputation of being professional, helpful and friendly.

By demonstrating how knowledgable and helpful you are, you are more likely to:

  • Get social media shares
  • Gain links from other websites
  • Turn web traffic into pharmacy customers

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